Muslim Mia Khalifa Onlyfans leaked in hijab

Mia Khalifa has only been in the porn industry for a short while, but she has become one of the most recognisable adult actresses in the world. What is so special about this girl?

Mia Khalifa, also known as Mia Callista, is an American porn actress and model of Lebanese origin. Khalifa's career in porn was short-lived, lasting from 2014-2015.

Mia Khalifa earns her living by building a career as a model and actress. We have compiled for you a lot of intimate photos with which Mia Khalifa has delighted and pleases her fans. Among which are snapshots from shows, clips, movies, exposed personal and stolen archive photos, vacation photos. The entire collection has been compiled from open sources on the internet. Gentle pictures in lingerie will not leave anyone indifferent. Erotic photos show charms Mia Khalifa.

Mia Khalifa Onlyfans leaked


On the 10th of February 1993, the future porn star was born to a Catholic family in Beirut. Mia's parents are very conservative people and her childhood was pretty ordinary.

Her father holds conservative Christian views, being a supporter of the US Republican Party and the Christian anti-Iranian Lebanese Forces party (after the Beirut attack in 2012, to cheer her parents up, Mia tattooed a cross-shaped symbol of the party).

She was a regular schoolgirl, playing lacrosse. After high school, Mia went to the University of El Paso, where she later graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. She worked in a bar, tried her hand at modelling and starred in a show on Spanish TV. In short, no one would have guessed that this little girl would one day become an adult film star. By the way, she is a real babe - she's about 157 cm tall.

Mia Khalifa nude

Mia Khalifa nude


One day a visitor wandered into the restaurant where 21 year old Mia worked. He wandered in well, seeing a future star among the guests snooping back and forth at the burger joint. The stranger suggested she try her hand at porn. Mia said yes. The fateful meeting took place in October 2014. And already on December 28 of the same year, the young actress became number one in the top site Pornhub. Not bad for an aspiring porn actress, eh? The girl racked up more than a million and a half views and immediately became a major star in the industry. She even managed to squeeze out porn legends like Lisa Anne.

Mia Khalifa naked

Mia Khalifa naked

It is worth noting that although Mia sometimes appears as a Muslim, she was born into a Catholic family (Christians make up half of Lebanon's population) and does not identify as a Muslim. Despite this, some media (Salon) have been quick to refer to her in their publications as "Muslim" and Lebanon as "one of the most Muslim countries" (TSN). In addition, on Pornhub, films featuring her are included in the "Muslim porn" and "hijab porn" categories.

Mia Khalifa hot pics

Mia Khalifa hot pics

In 2015 she signed a new contract with a major company, but two weeks later she breaks it off and stops filming. According to media reports, Mia decided to give up her career, fearing for her relationships with people close to her.

With 1.5 million views, Mia Khalifa has become the most searched porn actress on Pornhub. According to the site, between 3 and 6 January 2015, the number of search queries increased fivefold. About a quarter of these queries were made from Lebanon. A significant proportion of the requests came from nearby Syria and Jordan. According to website statistics as of 30 September 2015, Mia Khalifa was the third most searched for among both Android and iOS device users, just behind Lisa Ann and Kim Kardashian.


It is commonly believed that the stars of adult films are swimming in money and not deny themselves anything. However, Mia confessed in one of her interviews that she only ended up making $12,000. Even though her career was short-lived (mostly from 2014 to 2015), such an amount seems quite modest. The actress also admitted that even the big sites didn't spoil her with generous royalties. Was the girl telling the truth? It's hard to say. The management of BangBros, on hearing such a statement, was outraged. They demanded the actress to stop complaining and making false allegations. BangBros also said that they had paid her at least $178,000 during their association with Khalifa.

Mia Khalifa leak photos

Mia Khalifa leak photos

At the end of 2015, Mia Khalifa managed to move up 197 positions in the Pornhub search ranking to number 2, ahead of Lisa Ann but behind Kim Kardashian. Compared to last year, she was searched 2129% more (3rd place ranking). In January 2015, Khalifa signed a contract with the company, of which Bang Bros was a subsidiary, to star in films monthly, but broke the contract two weeks later and had to stop filming for good, fearing for her friendship with many people and for her relationship with her parents.

Mia Khalifa Onlyfans leaked

Mia Khalifa Onlyfans leaked

In a July 2016 interview with The Washington Post, Mia revealed that she had only done three months of films in her entire career, which she considered a manifestation of "childishness" that she later got rid of. However, she was still doing private shows on various websites in May. In January 2017, according to the website xHamster, Mia Khalifa was still considered the top searcher; in 2018, she held the #2 spot on PornHub.


Mia was born into a Catholic family and does not consider herself a Muslim. However, she has appeared as a Muslim in some of her films and has worn a hijab. But not all religious people can take such jokes lightly. She has even received death threats. People in the Middle East rushed to throw mud at the girl, saying she was bringing shame on her country. Mia's parents refused to defend their daughter from the publicity and support her life choices. Moreover, they have tried to distance themselves from her in every possible way. They say we never brought her up like this, it's all a cultural influence of the country she lives in.

Mia Khalifa desnuda

Mia Khalifa desnuda

Mia Khalifa's activities have been met with harsh criticism in the Middle East, where she has been accused of disgracing herself and her country. Mia's parents stopped communicating with her because of her choice of profession. They disassociated themselves from their daughter's actions and said that her entry into the porn industry was a result of living in a different country with a different culture from theirs and that her actions did not reflect her upbringing.

Mia Khalifa Onlyfans leak

Mia Khalifa Onlyfans leak

Mia had to defend herself. By the way, she did it quite skillfully and made clear arguments. In an interview with The Washington Post she attempted to draw the public's attention to the fact that even decent Hollywood films are far more likely to mock Muslims than are "indecent" porn. And then she struck a devastating blow and pointed out that, according to statistics, a huge percentage of her viewers are innocent and holy people who accuse her of promiscuity. And this is indeed the case. A quarter of the Pornhub users who aggressively typed "mia khalifa" into the search bar were from Lebanon (Khalifa's home country). The Syrians and Jordanians were not far behind.


After leaving the porn industry, Mia decided not to stay in one place.

Mia Khalifa went on to work as a paralegal and accountant in Miami after she stopped filming, but then found herself back in the media spotlight. She owns her own YouTube channel, streams on Twitch, sells exclusive sets of photos and videos through Patreon and Findrow, and covers sports events for various TV channels (including ESPN). Hosted the daily sports show Out of Bounds with Gilbert Arenas on the Complex News YouTube channel (October 2017 - February 2018). Hosted the SportsBall show on RoosterTeeth from 16 July to 30 October 2018 with Tyler Coe. In 2019, again in another interview, criticised the porn industry on the BBC's HARDtalk programme, accusing producers of violating privacy.

Mia Khalifa hot

Mia Khalifa hot

Then she developed her channel on YouTube, streamed on Twitch and sold her photos and videos on specialised platforms. Then she decided to try herself as a TV presenter and started hosting a sports show on one of the TV channels. Now the former porn actress is involved in activism. By the way, the girl hasn't been able to lay low. She is still in the public eye. This is evidenced by the fact that her Instagram (@miakhalifa) has more than 23 million followers.


Barely celebrating her 18th birthday, Mia married a resident of the United States of America. Five years later, the marriage fell apart. Mia later met a chef hailing from Sweden and they got engaged in 2019.

She currently lives in Miami, Florida.

In June 2020, Robert Sandberg and Mia Khalifa were united in marriage. The coronavirus epidemic ravaged the country and the wedding took place at home.


Many of Mia's colleagues talk in interviews about how much they enjoy their work, how great their shooting partners are, and how much this experience has benefited them. For Mia, however, her experience in the porn industry has not been so radiant. In a 2019 show, she stated that industry bosses don't care at all about keeping actors' privacy intact. In an earlier interview in 2016, Mia said that she generally spent about three months shooting porn. This period she described as "childish". Anything that gets on the internet stays there forever. So those three months that Mia spent in the industry still have an impact on her life. The girl often expresses her attitude on the subject of porn - giving interviews or… recording TikTok videos.

Mia Khalifa sexy

Mia Khalifa sexy

When Khalifa posted a video on her TikTok account about the pressure she feels to this day, she received many reactions. Some users sympathised with the girl, while others thought she was playing the victim. Khalifa's remarks about porn, in one way or another, also affect other people who are part of the industry. So one of the adult actresses Kendra Sunderland once couldn't take it anymore and dedicated a Twitter post to the girl. Kendra wrote about how fed up she was with the former actress' whining. "Not happy with something? Delete your content, change your name and stop making the porn industry look like this," was the approximate content of Kendra's tweet. She also pointed out to Mia that it would be much easier for netizens to forget about her past if she didn't constantly remind everyone about it.

Mia Khalifa tits

Mia Khalifa tits

Other users joined Kendra in accusing Mia of doing nothing but complaining. Khalifa, on the other hand, responded to the aggressors by saying that she would love to remove all content featuring her from the internet, but she just isn't given the opportunity. She also stressed that she doesn't think sex work is bad. The only bad thing is that the industry does not help its workers to step back and start a new life.

Mia Khalifa squirt

Mia Khalifa squirt

Eventually, tired of being attacked, Mia provided a list of what she had to face after three miserable months in porn: "I had death threats", "I lost my family", "it complicated my marriage", "I fear for my future children" and so on. Mia now asks girls who dream of a career in porn to think hard about whether it's worth the gamble. After all, there's no turning back.

Pornografia Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa Onlyfans leaks

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