Olivia Rodrigo released a Christmas song written when she was 5 years old

Olivia Rodrigo, like Father Christmas, is in the mood to give her fans presents and decides to play the full version of a Christmas song called The Bels, written by her at a very young age.

Olivia Rodrigo, at the age of 5, not only learnt how to write but directly laid the foundations of her career as a songwriter and, in her bedroom, composed a Christmas song called The Bels.

While I at the time felt like a prodigy because I could barely write my name on the wallpaper, justifying my little act of vandalism as an inner fire for art, writing and creativity…Olivia Rodrigo meanwhile, was already composing hits, what can I say girl: good4u!

Anyway, the singer jealously guarded the song as one does a secret diary, spoiling a short excerpt of it on Instagram last Christmas Eve, and then surprisingly releasing it in full in her latest newsletter.

She didn't opt for Spotify or her social profiles to launch the single, but chose to send it directly to her most loyal fans, even attaching a message (which has more the air of a greeting card from a dear friend who lives far away and wants to send you a present):

"Hi guys/gals! Hope all is well! I miss you guys. It's cold in LA and everything is slowing down for the holidays. I decorated my little silver tree in the living room and it makes me very happy. I am excited for the new year and all that it will bring. I hope you have a holiday full of love and relaxation. I am always thinking of you, with all the love, Liv".

The song can be downloaded for free from Rodrigo's official website because at Christmas, you know, everyone is better and even pop stars improvise as Santa Claus.