On TikTok, a priest claims to have seen demons singing Rihanna in hell

In a video that has gone viral, priest Gerald Johnson describes witnessing a concert of demons singing a horrific version of Rihanna's hit.

The demons are listening to Rihanna. Worse, they sing Rihanna. At least that's what Gerald Johnson, a priest in Michigan, says. On his TikTok account, the man shares numerous messages about morality, religion, faith, and spiritual experiences. In a video that has gone viral, he explains that he briefly lost his life in 2016 after a cardiac arrest. Contrary to his expectations, he was not welcomed into heaven but into hell, where demons began to torture him in the most excruciating way possible: by singing Rihanna's Umbrella. 

My spirit left my physical body," he says. I thought I was going up, because I felt I had done so much good in this life and helped so many people [...] But instead of going up, I went down. I literally went to the centre of the earth. That's where Hell is. There he felt such pain that he would "not wish it on my worst enemy". Among his horrific visions, the man remembers coming across someone "crawling on all fours like a dog and burning from head to toe": "His eyes were bulging and [...] he was wearing chains around his neck. It was a demon holding the chain". Even more astonishing, Gerald Johnson recounts having seen a choir of demons perform several songs "that we hear frequently here on earth" such as Bobby McFerrin's Don't Worry Be Happy or... Rihanna's Umbrella. 

Demon-inspired hits? 

The said demons did not sing the original versions but atrocious renditions to "torture" their audience: "Every word of every song was made to torture you [because you] didn't worship God through music while on Earth." Dazed magazine notes that in between spiritual conclusions, the priest insinuates that the lyrics of the songs as we know them were inspired by the demons themselves. 

Gerald Johnson survived his heart attack. Back among the living, he received an explanation for his terrifying experience from God himself. Why, then, had he been sent to hell and witnessed those 'unspeakable things that no one deserves to see'? Because he had not forgiven those who hurt him. This glimpse of hell did allow the priest to hear a live version of Umbrella, with a feat between demons.