Paige Spiranac leaves Twitter showing her cleavage “for the last time”?

Golf star and Instababe Paige Spiranac "finally" showed off her cleavage amid Twitter turmoil Friday afternoon.The golfing social media sensation has her 3.7 million Instagram followers. says he still counts on her for his cheeky, sold-out 2023 calendar.

Paige Spiranac fans won't have to worry about missing out on a steamy selfie when Twitter actually shuts down.

On Thursday, the 29-year-old golfing her influencer took to Twitter to lash out at her cleavage-inducing 'last provided a selfie to fans.

Paige Spiranac: ‘Here’s my cleavage for the last time’

"This is my last cleavage for Twitter to shut down," Spiranak tweeted, including a stunning selfie of her in a gingerbread pajama top. The 2022 Maxim Hot 100 cover star includes a link to her website, inviting followers to 'Log in here and don't miss what I'm doing' I was.

Spiranak's farewell selfie came after hundreds of Twitter employees reportedly resigned Thursday after Musk sent a memo with an ultimatum to workers: Surrender to a “hardcore” work environment or get fired by 5pm.

On this day, the hashtag "#RIPTwitter" recorded the number one trend on Twitter worldwide.

Spiranac also shares a lot of content on Instagram where he has over 3 million followers, as well as TikTok and YouTube.

Earlier this week, Spiranac took to Twitter to hit back at those who argued that female athletes are overly sexualizing their bodies.In a video about the double standard, Spiranac criticized Tom Brady, LeBron James, Cristiano Ronaldo, and more. He shared an image of a shirtless male sports star.

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