Salma Hayek wears a nothing-covering naked dress on the red carpet of the “Magic Mike 3” premiere

Salma Hayek wears a nothing-covering naked dress on the red carpet at the "Magic Mike 3" premiere

No red carpet without naked dresses! That's definitely the motto at the moment - and Salma Hayek seems to agree with us. At the Golden Globes 2023, the actress appeared in an extremely glamorous transparent dress - and has apparently taken a liking to this style. For the premiere of the film "Magic Mike's Last Dance" at the end of January 2023, Salma Hayek again appeared in a naked dress, but this time it looked more cool than glamorous.

Samla Hayek: See her naked dress from the "Magic Mike 3" premiere here.

Lots of net and lots of skin. There's no better way to describe Salma Hayek naked dress. The dress by luxury label Oscar de la Renta is made entirely of black fishnet - with only a few colourful flowers embroidered on it. In order not to show too much, the actress wore colour-coordinated underwear - a bra and slim panties - under the transparent dress.

While the dress and the sleek high ponytail were more in keeping with a "cool girl" aesthetic, the accessories added a touch of glamour to the look. Salma Hayek opted for opulent glittering jewellery and eye-catching gold-coloured platform high heels to go with the look.

Here's how you too can wear the Naked Dress à la Salma Hayek in everyday life

By the way, completely sheer dresses in a net look will also accompany us next season in 2023 (to match the warm months!), as transparent summer knitwear is one of the fashion trends for spring/summer 2023. If you don't like it quite as revealing as Salma Hayek, simply combine a mini dress with the naked dress and wear it underneath. Or opt for a combination of bra and cycling shorts under the dress. And the dresses are also the ideal cover-ups over bikinis or swimming costumes at the beach - worn without gold-coloured platform pumps, of course.

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