Scarlett Johansson: She has overcome hating her pimples – and now gives others encouragement

All of us do it: have our fingers in our faces far too often. Scarlett Johansson has now revealed in an interview what helped her to leave this habit behind. The actress also has a strong message for all of us.

Actress Scarlett Johansson has been in the public eye for decades and knows what it's like to have all eyes on her. But the 37-year-old now admits in a recent interview with The Cut magazine that she hasn't always felt comfortable in her skin. "We're all so critical of ourselves," she said. "It's a phenomenon we owe to the selfie and social media culture. Now you can take a photo of yourself and zoom in and pick it apart," she explained. "It's hard not to be hypercritical of ourselves and others."

This hyper-fixation that comes from being able to see yourself in digital images in almost too much detail goes hand in hand with Johansson's biggest beauty regret, as she revealed in the interview. "I struggled with pimples early on and wish I hadn't messed with my skin so much when I was younger, then I could have avoided some micro-scars. It was really hard for me to overcome this obsessive need to touch my face or press against my skin a lot."

Every:r of us plays at a pimple or blemish from time to time and micro-scars are absolutely not a bad thing either. However, the compulsive habit of picking at the skin can really become a serious problem for some people. Dermatillomania (also known as skin picking disorder) is a recognised mental illness that resembles obsessive-compulsive disorder and can cause considerable distress to sufferers.

This simple advice was a lifesaver for Scarlett Johansson
Although the "Black Widow" star did not comment on whether she specifically struggled with dermatillomania, she did share what helped her break free of the habit of constantly grabbing her face. It took attention from her older sister in particular, she explained. "My sister finally said I HAD to throw away my magnifying mirror," Johansson recalled. "She said, 'No one looks at your pores that closely!' That was the simplest advice I could get, but it was really redemptive for me because I was obsessive about my skin and also suffered from acne."

"I don't think being photographed in public will ever be something I'm totally comfortable with, but I've gotten better at it as I've gotten older," Scarlett Johansson shared. Another thing she's gotten better at over the years? "The older I've gotten, the more lenient I've become with the way I look at myself," she said in the interview. Now she sees the "abstract" concept of beauty as something deeper than looking good in a photo or a magnifying mirror. "Beauty is an elusive quality that comes from being comfortable in your own skin," Scarlett Johansson said.

And we can only agree with this statement.

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