Selena Gomez fans: “Why does she have to justify her weight in the eyes of others?”

The TikTok video in which the singer explained the reason for her weight gain has split fans.

Those who follow and appreciate Selena Gomez know how much she goes out of her way to tell her story without hiding anything from her audience, which is why, tired of receiving vicious comments about her weight, she decided to make a video to explain why she is rounder lately. Gomez, as we know, has always been very transparent about her health: in fact, we all remember when she revealed in 2015 that she underwent a round of chemotherapy after a diagnosis of lupus. Two years later, Selena Gomez underwent a kidney transplant because of organ damage caused by the autoimmune disease she suffered from, while a few years later she decided to tell even more in detail what lupus took away from her in the documentary My Mind & Me. 

Over the years, Selena Gomez has also been honest in admitting that lupus medication causes weight gain. When photos of her in a bikini came out in 2018 and thousands of comments came in criticizing her because of her shape, Gomez was quick to explain, "I have lupus and I'm measured with kidney problems and high blood pressure," she said, adding that the bulk is precisely because of the medication she takes to get better. The singer and actress's clarity about her condition, however, seemed to some of her fans to be a kind of justification to protect themselves from the nastiness of the comments, especially after a new live broadcast on TikTok during which Gomez explained, once again, that her weight gain is due to her illness.

"Medications are important, and I think they are essential to help me," she said.

"I would like to encourage anyone who is living out there some sort of shame about what they're going through. I just want people to know that you are beautiful."

Needless to say, the live broadcast on TikTok has inevitably led the fandom to split between those who consider Selena Gomez's exposure to be fair and necessary and those who suffer at the thought of their darling having to explain, after all these years, her weight gain. "The idea of attacking the body of a woman who has to fight and deal with an autoimmune disease and take proper medication horrifies me," was one of the many comments about Gomez who, meanwhile, is preparing to take part in the third season of the fabulous Only Murders in The Building, to which this go-round is joined in the cast by such a big-name presence as Meryl Streep.

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