Selena Gomez: Is she the platinum blonde actress? This mysterious image hints at it.

When we've reported on Selena Gomez's hair changes over the past year, it's most likely been about how she's shortened or styled her bob. When it comes to hair colour, the actress has been quiet for a while, until now. With a mysterious post on Instagram, she sparks a real hairstyle discussion among her fans.

Platinum blonde or not? See Selena Gomez's mysterious post here.

On 25 January, Selena Gomez shared two photos that were possibly taken during the filming of the third season of Only Murders in the Building. The big surprise: In one of the photos Selena Gomez appears to have platinum blonde hair. Why don't we know for sure? The woman in the photo has her hair flying in front of her face in such a way that it doesn't show.

In the first picture, the woman, probably Selena Gomez, is dancing in a camel-coloured jumper, while the second picture shows her wearing tracksuit bottoms that say: "Thank you for asking about my mental health". All we got as a caption was "3". Very mysterious, isn't it? Fans have their own ideas about what that might mean: A new album, "Only murders in the building" season 3 and much more.

But one thing we're sure of: Selena Gomez doesn't shy away from platinum blonde and has worn it in the past. 

Selena Gomez: This is how blonde her hair has been in the past

She opted for a new hair colour back in 2021. In one of Selena Gomez's Instagram posts, you had to look twice or even three times to really recognise her back then. Surprisingly, the brunette turned blonde.

Users saw the image on the Instagram page of Selena's account for her make-up brand "Rare Beauty". There she posted her new look, which no one would have expected. If Selena Gomez herself hadn't been tagged in the snapshot, some people wouldn't even have realised that it was actually the singer. Because until now, she was known almost exclusively with her trademark chocolate-brown hair.

In April 2021, she dared for the first time with a blonde makeover, which was done by her trusted hairdressers Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri. In an interview, the two hair experts talked about their aim to create a bold summer look that moves between cool and warm shades. In order for everything to grow naturally and cohesively, Selena kept her roots dark. In total, it took eight hours and 200 foils to lighten the pop star seven shades.

Blonde for the first time: this is how Selena Gomez looked in 2017

True fans might know that she first went blonde at the 2017 American Music Awards, rocking a cool biker outfit with a casual blonde long bob back then. The yearning for that look caught up with the singer four years later. Back in February 2021, she revealed on Instagram Live that she was toying with the idea of making a blonde comeback. And now she has indeed done so. May we now celebrate the next return of the hair colour on her in 2023?