Selena Gomez’s classy Saint Laurent Spring manicure gives our nails a high-fashion chic upgrade ASAP

Noble and chic: If you love high fashion, you will also like this "Saint Laurent Spring" manicure that Selena Gomez is wearing right now. Like fashion, it is a true work of art on the nails.

Nail art artist Tom Bachik is currently one of the most sought-after manicure professionals among the stars. He regularly brushes the nails of Jennifer Lopez, Nicola Anne Peltz and yes, even Selena Gomez - triggering veritable nail polish trend waves. 

One of his latest posts again shows a new look - this time on the nails of Selena Gomez. However, the floral pattern is almost a work of art. 

This is how the "Saint Laurent Spring" manicure of Selena Gomez looks like

Selena Gomez's colorful, sophisticated and elegant manicure is composed of a veritable bouquet of flowers, using a mixture of geraniums, purple aster flowers, blue snowdrops, white daisies and nasturtiums in bright yellow and crimson. With great attention to detail, the petals of each flower were layered to give them more dimension - like a 2-D painting. 

Tom Bachik decorated the solid dark base with gold dots to simulate leaves against the shaded background. He also decorated the center of each flower with gold glitter. Finally, he covered the almond-shaped nails with a clear polish to set the design. 

"Saint Laurent Spring" manicure: it goes with this.

To his post about the Flower manicure, Tom Bachik wrote: "Saint Laurent Spring." This could be a hint that Selena Gomez stopped by Tom Bachik's place before her trip to New York Fashion Week. After all, "Saint Laurent Spring" nails really add that special touch to any outfit, making them the perfect choice for fashion events. But of course, floral eye-catchers like Tom Bachik's work of art are also perfect for many other occasions. The best thing about them: they always and everywhere directly bring spring mood. 

The only catch is that not all of us are blessed with such a talent - so recreating it yourself is extremely difficult. So you should definitely look for a nail salon that specializes in floral nail art. Or stick a similar pattern on your nails in the form of press-on nails. 

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