Sex in the bathtub: how to make sex in the water super relaxed

Sex in the bathtub can be a great alternative to bed. However, in order for bathtub sex to really run smoothly and become a relaxing affair, you should keep a few things in mind. We give tips so that sex in the bathtub becomes a really wet pleasure.

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Sex in the bathtub: That's how it's fun!

Sex should always be fun - whether you're freshly in love or in a long-term relationship. Sometimes the sex life becomes ultra-exciting and exciting again just by changing the place, on top of that it becomes especially cuddly in the bathtub. Dare to leave the bed and give bathtub sex a chance! If you follow a few tips and tricks, it can be quite exciting. We reveal how sex in the bathtub succeeds, is fun and which positions are particularly suitable for bathtub sex.

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Sex in the bathtub: The preparation

Find the right atmosphere

When it comes to sex in the bathtub, the atmosphere is the be-all and end-all. If you don't take care of the right setting in advance, bathtub sex can unfortunately quickly turn into a sober number surrounded by white tiles and shower gel bottles. So, make it cozy in the otherwise hopefully clean bathroom! Get rid of the shampoo bottles on the edge of the bathtub and add some bathroom romance: candles instead of halogen spotlights, your favorite music instead of the radio, and maybe a glass of wine are the perfect start for a sensual evening for two in the bathtub. Who likes it particularly romantically, can put also a book ready, in order to read to its partner in something. This way, there is no pressure to have sex right here and now.

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By the way: A little caution is advised with bath additives, because when it comes to sex in the tub, less is more in case of doubt. Many additives contain fragrances, soaps or essential oils that smell great but can irritate the mucous membranes of the vulva and vagina.

Use lubricant!

Who would have thought it: especially when having sex in the bathtub, lubricant is a must. Sounds superfluous, because everything is slippery in the water anyway? Wrong thought, because water does not provide the right kind of lubrication for our sexual organs. The bath water even washes away the lubricating secretions produced by the body, which can even make sex in the bathtub very unpleasant in the worst case.

Our tip: silicone-based lubricant gel. But be careful when getting out of the bathtub: the silicone lube can settle on the bathtub surface and make everything even more slippery than it already is.

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Sex in the bathtub with a condom - or without?

Sex in the bathtub is especially fun when everything goes as smoothly as possible, you bump as little as possible, cause the water to spill over or slip. And regardless of whether you use a bathtub or not - if you want to protect yourself, you should be able to do so in the bathtub without any problems. However, contraception with a condom is not suitable for sex in water. On the one hand, water can get into the condom, so that it can slip off quickly, on the other hand, especially oily additives can make latex condoms porous. Either way, sex with a condom in the bathtub is unfortunately not safe.

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It is therefore difficult to prevent STIs, which is why bathtub sex is rather a recommendation for people in a committed relationship. If you use condoms to prevent pregnancy, you should avoid penetration during sex in the bathtub (for alternatives, see "Sex in the bathtub: the best positions").

The right bath water temperature

Not too cold and not too hot, but just right should be the water temperature: Because otherwise you either freeze or your circulation can drop - and that's both counterproductive when it comes to sensual hours with your:partner:in the tub. The ideal bath water temperature is between 37 °C and 39 °C. If the water gets too cold in the meantime, you can simply add warm water and drain off the cooled water.

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Safety measures for bathtub sex

When having sex in the bathtub, it can get slippery, especially if there are still deposits of shampoos and conditioners in the tub. (Sadly boring) Pro tip: Before you get in the tub, make sure it's thoroughly cleaned and sparkling clean.

If you want to play it completely safe, you can insert a mat with suction cups to prevent unpleasant slipping during sex. In case the water spills over in the heat of the moment, it's worth having a few towels handy - otherwise you'll end up putting the whole bathroom under water.

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The best positions for bathtub sex

Granted, the bathtub may not be the most comfortable place to have sex. But the warm water, the tight space… It is possible to have bathtub sex without bruises and slipping: In fact, there are a few positions that are particularly suitable for sex in the bathtub.

Important: Sex in the tub does not necessarily also mean that a penis penetrates a vagina. If you're not in a relationship or can't use a condom in the water, or if penetration in the bathtub is just too tight and hard for you, we also have tips for successful sex in the bathtub.

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The missionary position

The classic among the sex positions works even with limited space. One person lies on the back in the missionary position, while the person with the penis or strap-on lies on top. Depending on the space, the part lying on the bottom has to stretch his legs upwards or embrace the other person. The person lying on top should take special care during sex in the bathtub that the:partner:in does not get submerged in the water and run out of air.

Reverse Cowgirl

One person lies on their back while the other sits on top of their partner, facing their feet. He:she tends to lean back slightly towards the head in this position.

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Doggy style

The doggy style sex position can also work well in the bathtub. The receiving person kneels in front of the giving one. A variant would be that both partners lie on their bellies on top of each other.

Tips for sex in the bathtub without penetration

Of course, in bathtub sex does not necessarily have to be penetrated. Oral sex or handjobs are also a great way for men and women to have fun together in the water. Likewise, masturbating in front of each other can be a way to get closer.

Handjob in the water

The best way to pamper your partner with your hand is to sit behind the other person. This can then lean completely relaxed and just enjoy.

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Another way to have sex in the bathtub is to masturbate together. This can be quite exciting, because this way you can see the:partner:in, how he:she concentrates on herself, what he:she likes and how he:she comes. Masturbation in the bathtub does not have to happen at the same time!

Sex toys for bathtub sex

Sex toys are also an exciting pleasure in the water. However, if you want to use sex toys in the water, you should keep a few things in mind.

Waterproof vibrators

Sex in the bathtub with a vibrator? Sounds exciting, but unfortunately it doesn't work out quite so easily. The sex toy must be completely waterproof, otherwise the motor can be damaged and the toy can break as a result. You also have to be careful with lubricants: The silicone-based lubes that you need for sex in the bathtub, in turn, attack sex toys made of silicone and make them porous - this can cause bacteria and fungi to settle in. So this option (silicone-based lube + silicone toy in the tub) unfortunately falls flat.

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However, if you don't want to do without toys, you can sit on the edge of the bathtub with the toy and use (have someone use) a water-based lubricant. The same applies to vibrators for laying on.

Sex toys for penetration

If you still want to use a toy for penetration during bathtub sex, you should go for one made of glass or metal. A dildo made of glass or metal can be used with silicone lubricant without any problems.

Sex in the bathtub: What if it doesn't work?

Okay, admittedly, sex in the bathtub is not for the lazy. There are definitely a few things to keep in mind. But what if you've taken everything into account and still can't make it to climax in the tub? Honestly, no master has fallen from the sky, and no one spoon perfection for breakfast.

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So talk openly with your partner: How do you want sex in the bathtub to go? What do you expect from it? Why does the idea of bathtub sex somehow turn you on so much? And also: What do you do if it just doesn't work out, you swallow bath water, your partner keeps slipping and finally the bathroom is under water? We have a tip for the latter constellation of questions: laugh about it together. And then dry each other off and disappear under the covers together. Because the bathtub and all options for sex in the tub do not run away from you.

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