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With her bouffant shapes, flamboyant wigs, and fabulous outfits, Nicki Minaj never fails to amaze fans. She is a singer, songwriter and actress. Her rapping is unique and coloured by the use of accents, shifts in speed, and elements of British and Japanese styles. Nicki has managed to become one of the richest female rappers in the world, but her background has not always been that way.

Childhood and youth

Onika Tanja Maraj (the singer's real name) was born on December 8, 1982 in the suburbs of Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago, an island nation in the Caribbean. Her father was half African and half Indian and her mother was Malaysian. Nicky doesn't like to talk about her childhood because it wasn't a pleasant one. Her father, a total alcoholic and drug addict, often beat his wife in a drunken rage and once set fire to his own house. Nicky and her mother miraculously survived.

Nicki Minaj nude

Nicki Minaj nude

The family lived poor, they couldn't save money to move to the US. For several years, Nicki Minaj lived with her grandmother. When the girl was five, her mother took her and ran away from the home despot in Queens.

The girl was painfully affected by the move and sought salvation in music. At school Nicky took up the clarinet, then began to develop her vocal skills. The girl drew, participated in school plays, but always dreamed of the big stage. As a teenager, Minaj started listening to rap music. This musical direction determined her future fate.

Music and films

Nicki Minaj's debut effort was the Playtime Is Over mixtape, released in 2007. The singer released two more mixtapes within two years, earning the music world's first artist of the year award from UMA. Her art appealed to rapper Lil Wayne, and the musician took the risk of signing the young performer.

Nicki Minaj tits

Nicki Minaj tits

Nicki Minaj's first album, Pink Friday, was soon released, after which she woke up famous. The single Your Love became a hit, as did another, Right Thru Me. The music video for it revealed her as a talented dramatic actress.

Nicki Minaj naked

At first Minaj exploited the image of a Japanese geisha, but when it began to unravel, she changed roles. In her third music video, Moment For Life, she appeared as a 'hip hop cinderella'.

Nicki Minaj naked

From then on, Nicki regularly recorded music videos for her songs. Her striking appearance, her controversial twerking choreography, her multi-coloured hair and her sexy figure have had a resounding resonance in the music videos. In 2010, four Minaj videos were released. Since then, the singer has released up to 10 videos a year.

Super Bass was the most successful track in the singer's career. It instantly broke into the top 10 and stayed at the top for a long time. The explosive hit had an incredible amount of views on YouTube.

Nicki Minaj desnuda

Nicki Minaj desnuda

In the summer of 2011, Nicki recorded a duet with DJ David Guetta. Their work Where Them Girls At? became a hit as predicted.

Throughout the year, Minaj unveiled new songs from her forthcoming album, but all of them failed to make it to the charts and critics were negative about them. The failure forced the singer to put off the release date of the new album and dilute it with songs of neutral content - even her most loyal fans disapproved of the large amount of negativity in the tracks. The plan succeeded - the songs from the album were played in all the discos.

Nicki Minaj hot pics

Nicki Minaj hot pics

Nicki Minaj is the only rap artist who was invited to perform at the Grammys. She performed her hit Roman Holiday at the 54th ceremony. It was the first time in the history of the prestigious event.

In May 2014, the singer recorded the first track of her upcoming album The Pinkprint called Pills N Potions, and in August she released the single Anaconda. It reached number two on the US national chart and became an undisputed hit. In December Nicki presented the album The Pinkprint. At the same time she was cast in the comedy The Other Woman, with Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton as the lead characters. The singer performed the role of secretary Lydia.

Nicki Minaj sexy

Nicki Minaj sexy

In 2015 the track Hey Mama was released. It became a global hit and was firmly established in the music tops. The refrain of the song never left the radio frequencies.

In 2016, in support of Ariana Grande's studio album Dangerous Woman, Nicki Minaj recorded Side to Side. The track was the third song in support of her colleague's album.

Nicki Minaj leak

Nicki Minaj leak

In the same year, Nicki Minaj made another appearance as an actress and starred in Hairdresser 3.

In early 2017, Minaj presented the song and video No Frauds. Along with Nicki, the song was performed by Drake and Lil Wayne. In spring, the singer released a music video for Swalla, recorded with Jason Derulo, and contributed to Katy Perry's single Swish Swish Swish.

Nicki Minaj boobs

Nicki Minaj boobs

Other singles released in 2017 were Kissing Strangers, Run Up and Make Love. The compositions were co-written with other musicians.

In August 2018, Minaj's fourth studio album Queen was released. Its release was preceded by the premiere of singles Chun-Li, Barbie Dreams, and Rich Sex featuring Lil Wayne and Bed in a duet with Ariana Grande. The record reached number two on the Billboard 200 album chart, but was the artist's worst-selling record.

Nicki Minaj leaked

Nicki Minaj leaked

Nicki had planned to start a tour in support of the new work in the autumn of 2018, but for technical reasons she had to postpone the first concerts until January 2019. The show featured many elaborate stunts, in which the performer herself took part.

The year 2020 marked a record of sorts, with a girl rapper's track reaching the top of the Hot 100 chart for the first time since 1998. It was the song Trollz, performed by Minaj in collaboration with 6ix9ine.

The following year, the artist re-released the mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty, born at the beginning of her career.

Looks and style

Nicki is often compared to Lady Gaga for her extravagant outfits and flamboyant make-up. Minaj loves relaxed and unconventional costumes and has collaborated with Donatella Versace and other famous couturiers, but believes there is nothing in common between her and Lady Gaga. The singer explains her choice of clothes by the stress she experienced as a child: when her parents were fighting she would invent various characters and live their lives.

Nicki loves tattoos. Her left arm has hieroglyphics which stand for "God is always with you".

Nicki Minaj leaks

The artist's striking style attracts fans to her Instagram page. Fans admire the singer's figure in revealing outfits and follow the celebrity's change of image: she dyes her hair in pink, lettuce and other colours.

Nicki's silhouette has led detractors to claim she has had buttocks done. According to the press, the singer underwent plastic surgery early in her career, after which her figure has changed dramatically. The star denies the plastic surgery rumours and refers to heredity in the matter. The same goes for her face. Fans admit that even without make-up, Métis Nicki's features remain attractive.

In 2015, Minaj told fans that she wanted to lose weight. At 160 cm tall, the singer weighs 62 kg. The fan community got worried: Nicki's beloved assets - her impressive voluminous buttocks and breasts - were in jeopardy. But the next clip showed that fans needn't have worried.

Nicki Minaj hot

In addition to her music career, Nicki has successfully developed her perfume business. In 2019, she unveiled a new fragrance that was named Queen after one of her albums. The perfume bottle was designed in the form of a sculpture of the artist.

Personal life

At first, almost nothing was known about the personal life of the popular rapper. Journalists could not unearth anything interesting, and fans, analyzing her lyrics, came to the conclusion that Minaj is bisexual. However, the singer admitted in an interview that she thinks girls are sexy, but she has no plans to date them.

Meek Mill

In April 2015, Nicki Minaj informed fans that she was engaged to rapper Meek Mill. The singer took a photo of the ring she was given and posted it on her Instagram profile.

She met Meek in February the same year. The relationship progressed rapidly, with the pair making frequent public appearances. In July, Minaj broke off the engagement and returned the ring to her boyfriend. Friends of the couple said they often fought, breaking up and making up. But reports of lies and cheating on the fiancé that led to the couple's break-up have slipped through the cracks.

The Eminem prank

In 2018, Minaj made the sensational announcement on social media that she was dating the king of hip-hop, Eminem. Fans of the rapper immediately demanded an explanation from the idol. At his concert, the singer asked the audience a counter question: should he date Nicki, giving fans the opportunity to continue to speculate about his affair with his colleague. Minaj played along with Eminem, asking him out on a date from her personal microblog page. It was later revealed that this information turned out to be a joke by the musicians.

Marriage to Kenneth Petty

In fact, the artist's boyfriend was her childhood friend named Kenneth Petty. He had nothing to do with music or acting. It is known that as a young man Kenneth committed two serious crimes: at age 15, he tried to rape a 14-year-old girl, and four years later went to jail for murder. Despite her chosen one's troubled past, Nicki was confident that the affair would bring her happiness.


It's not uncommon for Minaj to become involved in scandalous situations. In the summer of 2018, she made unflattering remarks about fellow singer Travis Scott, and soon nearly got into a fight with singer Cardi B. The two artists clashed during a Harper's Bazaar ICONS party in front of the audience. Cardi took a swing at Nicki with the heel of her sandal, after which the star's bodyguards escorted her outside. The conflict later continued on social media.

Highlighting the episode was an altercation with Miley Cyrus, who spoke unflatteringly about Nicki in the press, calling her mean. The rapper responded to her colleague while on stage during the VMA Awards, where she was the award winner and Cyrus was the host. Addressing her co-star, Minaj uttered the barbed phrase without caring about censorship, and the expression instantly went viral on social media.

Nicki was among the people who condemned Michael B. Jordan for appropriating elements of someone else's culture. The actor launched the rum, with the word 'Jouver' used in the brand name. This is the name of the festival held on the singer's home island, but Jordan himself has nothing to do with the event.

Nicki Minaj now

Right now, Minaj's creative career is very prolific. In early 2022, the artist delighted audiences with the release of Do We Have a Problem? She admitted she was inspired by Angelina Jolie from the action film Salt when she appeared in the music video for the song. In spring the rapper recorded the track We Go Up with Fivio Foreign.


  • 2010 - Pink Friday
  • 2012 - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
  • 2014 - The Pinkprint
  • 2018 - Queen


  • 2010 - My Time Now
  • 2014 - The Other Woman
  • 2014 - The Pinkprint Movie
  • 2015 - My Time Again
  • 2016 - Barbershop 3
  • 2018 - Queen

Interesting Facts

  • Nicki has repeatedly confirmed her penchant for philanthropy. She has donated to people affected by natural disasters, the poor in India, teenage girls affected by violence. In addition, the singer has also helped several fans who needed funds for education.
  • Minaj is afraid of heights.
  • The singer once confessed to being the type of person who is always freezing.
  • Nicki loves pineapple pizza.