Soccer star Katie Sigmond stuns in a crop top and ham-skimming films for wake-up selfie

Katie Sigmond posed for a casual morning selfie, and she looked painlessly gorgeous while doing so.

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The 20- time-old former Edison Girls Soccer player has made quite a name for herself since her soccer days back in 2017.

lately, Katie has gained high fashionability by getting a fashion model, YouTuber, and social media personality.

The model is largely active on her social media platforms, where she’s posted a sprinkle of jaw- dropping prints.

It comes as no surprise that Katie has so numerous suckers and sympathizers. She presently has2.9 million followers on Instagram.

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The model lately posted a picture of herself as she just woke up, and she was kind enough to gift her Instagram followers with the selfie.

Katie Sigmond poses for an early morning glass selfie

Katie uploaded a beautiful selfie as she sat on the ground with her back leaned up against her bed.

The model was wearing a black short- sleeve crop top, pairing it with Calvin Klein prizefighter missions which hugged her legs and midriff impeccably.

Katie accessorized with an multifariousness of gold irons, some hair ties, and a small gold watch.

Her golden hair flowed behind her reverse as she rested her head on the bed behind her.

It goes without saying that Katie was naturally glowing as she rocked a bare, make- up-free face as she had just woken up.

The model tagged Newport Beach, California as the position and also identified the post, “ just woke up hbu. ”

The mesmerizing selfie entered 335 thousand likes and over 830 commentary.

Katie Sigmond gets married in Vegas

Katie shocked some of her suckers and followers when she lately posted a print to her Instagram expressing that she got married in Vegas.
The model posed while she hugged her former swain, now hubby, Salim. Her leg was lifted up around his midriff as they both smiled from observance to observance.

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Katie wore a beautiful white low- cut marriage dress that had endless quantities of intricate patterns and details incorporated within the dress.
She paired the dress with white platform thrills and a couple of gold irons.

Salim, on the other hand, wore a classic black- and-white tuxedo as he smiled and laughed in all the photos. She identified the prints, “ we got married in vegas part 1 is out now link in memoir 🤍. ”

The post entered 361 thousand likes and over 2 thousand commentary.