Squirting: Go for the G-spot! How you can squirt too

You may have heard the term squirting in a porn film - but did you know that all women* (people with vaginas) are capable of female ejaculation? With the right technique and a little patience, it is possible. We'll clear up the myths and show you how you too can learn to squirt.

Female ejaculation: What is squirting?

The word "squirt" or "to squirt" comes from English and can be translated into German as "to squirt" or "to cum". As the name suggests, squirting involves the ejection of small or large amounts of fluid from the vagina, e.g. during orgasm - in other words, squirting is female ejaculation, so to speak. The fluid secreted during squirting is produced in the Skene glands and the urethra, but - contrary to the misconception of many - it is not urine and smells neutral. Squirting itself occurs through stimulation of the G-area, also called the G-spot, which is located on the front wall of the vagina, the side facing the navel. Since the urethra is right above the G-spot, you feel the urge to pee just before female ejaculation - and you should give in to it if you want to learn to squirt.

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Various surveys and studies have shown that a maximum of 60 per cent of women have already ejaculated or manage to ejaculate more easily. This is probably related to the size and positioning of the paraurethral glands. These are additional (or accessory) sex glands in women* in which the secretion for ejaculation is produced. This can also be compared biologically very well with the sperm of the man, as the composition of the enzyme patterns is very similar to that of the prostate secretion (i.e. the sperm).

In addition, researchers:inside suspect that the pelvic floor muscle "pubococcygeus", which contracts during climax, could play a role in squirting. This is because it is very strong in women who ejaculate during sex. The level of pleasure and the ability to relax during coitus could also be decisive for female ejaculation.

Squirting: Can every woman squirt?

Yes! Squirting does not only exist for women in porn. In principle, squirting is a natural process that can be induced in women either by penetration with the fingers or, for those who are practised, during sex. However, it can take some time and practice until it works for you. Because - as different as the orgasm feels for each person, squirting is also experienced differently. While some people reach orgasm at the same time, others do not necessarily climax. Squirting and orgasm can happen one after the other or without each other - just as ejaculation in men does not always have to be connected to orgasm.

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Especially at the beginning, when you are not yet a practised squirter, you will probably only ejaculate a little fluid. The most important thing is that you don't have too high expectations of yourself, because this will build up pressure that could prevent you from squirting. A lot of patience and inner peace and relaxation will enable you to experience and enjoy female ejaculation sooner or later - with or without orgasm.

Squirting tips: Can you learn to squirt?

Theoretically, all women can squirt, but for most it's just a matter of finding the right technique. So the answer to whether or not you can learn to squirt is yes. But just as very few women reach orgasm right away on their first time, it will take longer for most to squirt for the first time. But what always helps to get to know your body better is to just try it yourself, without being under pressure to perform from someone else.

It's important to go to the bathroom to pee before you start, so it's easier to let go when squirting. This way you don't have to worry about losing urine during ejaculation. An extra glass of water before the act can't hurt either, because sufficient fluids are important for supporting the body's sexual functions and lubrication production. Do you or your partner have long nails? Then get rid of them! They make it hurt. Spread a large towel on the couch or bed and you're ready to go. And it doesn't hurt to have a little lubricant on hand.

Once you're comfortable and relaxed in bed, get a pillow and put it under your bum to make it easier for your fingers to reach your vagina's G-spot. Start by gently stimulating yourself with one finger, or add a sex toy to get you in the mood with extra stimulation. Then insert one or two fingers or a G-spot stimulating toy and start stimulating yourself on the upper inner wall of the vagina - the side facing the belly - at the G-spot. Do what feels good and take your time. At some point you should feel the need to pee - you should give in to that feeling because that's how you squirt. At first it can be difficult to let go because you might be afraid to pee on yourself. But you don't have to, because no urine will come out during female ejaculation.

Squirting tips: Which position is best?

There is no one position that works for squirting. However, some positions work better than others, especially if you want to try squirting with your partner. At the beginning, it's a good idea to lie on your back and place a pillow under your bottom, as this will help you or your partner to reach your G-spot. Another thing that can help is to lift your legs up and bend your knees. This stretches and relaxes the thigh muscles. If you are not fingered, the riding position is said to work best.

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Female ejaculation: Is squirting a must?

One thing you can remember: When it comes to sex, nothing is a must that you don't want to do. Or as the unofficial motto of the swinger scene says: Everything can, nothing must. So if you only want to try squirting for the sake of your partner and don't really want to do it yourself, don't do it at all. If you don't feel relaxed or don't feel like squirting, it probably won't work anyway. Even if your body is basically capable of squirting, that doesn't mean you have to do it. However, if you are curious about what your body can do, then you should definitely try this technique, because it can give you an orgasm of a completely different kind.

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