StoriesIG not working – best alternative Instagram Story Viewer in 2022

When a user posts a “story” to Instagram, they have access to a list of people who have viewed the story. In the official application of this service, it is impossible to view someone else’s “history”, remaining unnoticed, which does not suit everyone. However, this problem can be solved quickly and easily.

How to watch Instagram stories anonymously using

This service will also help you view the history anonymously, but its user interface is not translated into other languages. It will be useful not only for organizing anonymous viewing of stories, but also for downloading them. Perhaps you liked the photo of your favorite blogger published in the “story”, but in a day this photo will be deleted. In any such case, the download option will be very helpful.

How to view stories anonymously via specialized mobile apps

In order not to constantly visit sites, you can install a specialized application once and use it on an ongoing basis. There are several such applications, each with advantages and disadvantages.

Insta Stories

If you are using an iOS device, then the Insta Stories application is the only way out for you. With its help you can view, download and repost other people’s “stories”. In this case, there is no need to register or log into an account. The key disadvantage is that this application is not translated to other languages.

Stories IG

There are a huge number of Android applications that allow you to view and download “stories” anonymously. One of the most popular solutions of this kind is Stories IG. Unlike many other apps, it  allows you to download not only “stories”, but also posts, avatars, live streams, and even videos from IGTV. The only drawback is that the app does not work correctly on all mobile devices.

Insta Saver app

To start using this application, download Insta Saver app from the Play Market, launch it and log into your Instagram account. Next, enter the profile name in the dedicated field. You will see both old and recent “stories”, as well as live broadcasts and videos from IGTV. To download the “history” to your device, hold your finger on the desired “history” and select “Save”.

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