Stunning TikTok star Bella Poarch at the Paris Fashion Week

Bella Poarch: A video she posted on TikTok caused her big breakthrough two years ago. Now the Tik-Tok star walks the runway for well-known brands.

Bella Poarch can claim to be responsible for the most-viewed video in the history of TikTok to date. She uploaded the hugely popular video, in which she sings to the song "M to the B" by rapper Millie B, in 2020. Since then, Poarch has become a bona fide celebrity - and a proven style star. Last year, the 25-year-old was cast in one of Rihanna's "Savage x Fenty" shows, and more recently, she made a splash during Fashion Weeks by attending the Boss Fall 2022 show in Milan and then attending the Miu Miu and Valentino shows in Paris.

"The second Fashion Week Paris was a lot of fun".

What does Poarch, who just a few years ago was a small-town girl serving in the U.S. Navy, think about attending Paris Fashion Week? "This is my second time attending PFW, and this year was a lot more fun," she says.

"I already had an idea of what to expect, and I got to see so many of my friends like Bretman (Rock) and Bryanboy. And it was great to meet new friends like Giuliano Calza, who made me feel right at home."

Bella Poarch, who cosplays regularly on her social media pages, says the collections she saw in Paris could be major inspiration for future costumes. "GCDS definitely inspired me for my next cosplay because I love how they are constantly pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box," she says. "That's what I love about them."

Bella Poarch loves boots 

There's one thing the style star definitely can't get enough of: Boots. According to Poarch, the chunkier the better.

"I wore boots my entire four years in the Navy and ended up loving them," she says. "I literally wore nothing else during my time in the Navy and felt very comfortable in them. No matter what size you are, boots are no longer a problem."

Poarch says there were many standout moments for her during Fashion Week Paris. One in particular was Bella Hadid's dress, which was sprayed on at Coperni. "Everything about it was incredible," Poarch says.

"I was overwhelmed when Bella came out, and when they started spraying her, I didn't know what to expect, but the end result was great."

And the biggest trend the TikTok star is loving right now? "I'm totally into DIY fashion, especially crochet," she says.

"I love all the different patterns, colors and textures. I don't know how to crochet myself, but I want to learn."