Thanks to Kendall Jenner, this surprising boot trend is now making a comeback – and the style is already available at Mango

Kendall Jenner is already wearing them, and we too are in love with the latest boot trend for 2022: boots with wedge heels. And the best thing is that Mango has a model that looks just like the model's designer piece.

Autumn is here and with it the time for looks with beautiful boots again! Thanks to the current trends, we can't get enough of them - and Kendall Jenner feels the same way. Because the model was just spotted with one of the hottest boot styles ever: knee-high boots. But Kendall Jenner wouldn't be Kendall Jenner if she didn't give the trend a new twist: Namely, her booties are not flat, chunky-soled or block-heeled - but wedge-heeled.

Kendall Jenner: This is how stylish she styles boots in fall 2022.

Wedge heels have actually been on hiatus for the past few seasons, but are now returning to our trend radar, not least thanks to Kendall Jenner. We think that's great, because the full-length heel has a decisive advantage in addition to its eye-catching look: boots with it are ultra comfortable! This is mainly because the weight of the wearer is evenly distributed thanks to the continuous heel and not concentrated on one point, such as with the stiletto. The result: the stretching look of a heel shoe, but that with a much higher wearing comfort.

This casual elegance is reflected in Kendall Jenner's complete look: for example, she wears the black leather boots casually over straight leg jeans. She also combines them with a bright yellow coat and a cropped white basic shirt. Et voilà: Finished is the perfect off-duty model look, which we also like to copy as a style inspiration in the fall of 2022.

But the boots don't just look great worn over jeans. We can imagine them in the fall / winter 2022 also wonderful with mini skirts, midi dresses or even culottes. Sometimes with thick tights, sometimes with wool overknee stockings - there are no limits to the styling ideas.

Store Kendall Jenner's boot style now - at Jimmy Choo and Mango

By the way, the original boot model of Kendall Jenner comes from the legendary shoe label Jimmy Choo and costs 1295 euros (you can store it here!). But even if this investment is a bit too much for you, you don't have to do without the cool boot style in fall 2022: At Mango there is a similar model in black leather and with wedge heel, which costs about 1000 euros less. Happy shopping!