This TikTok trend shows which nail polish color suits your look – and even Megan Fox is already wearing it

A nail design that matches your charisma? Yes, according to TikTok, it's all the rage right now. Even Megan Fox is already a fan of the manicure trend, which is supposed to reflect the aura.

Whether you believe in personal energy fields or not, it's hard not to fall for the latest manicure trend on TikTok - aura nails. For this trend, all you have to do is figure out what color your own aura is (or what color you'd like it to be) and you can match your manicure to your aura or energy. And yes, even stars like Megan Fox have already gotten a taste for it and are wearing the personalized nail trend - but more on that later. Now first the most important information about the design.

This nail trend reflects your charisma - and looks so beautiful!

For the uninitiated: an aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds a person's body and can describe their energy. It shows up in the form of different colors, each color having a different meaning. If your aura is pink, your energy is gentle and loving. If it is yellow, you are probably optimistic and a free spirit.

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Some people claim they can see other people's auras, but we all have the ability to sense other people's auras (and you can even get infected - in fact, it's contagious). You know when someone makes you feel uncomfortable? Then you feel a negative aura. Or when you see someone and immediately feel exalted and energized?

How to find the right nail polish for your aura

To see your own aura, it should help to try the following tricks at home: First, take a selfie. You can see a faint hue around your contours? That could be your aura. Or look in the mirror and squint. If a certain color shows up, it is said to be your aura.

Fortunately, aura nails don't have to reflect "your" color exactly, so don't worry if you can't see your aura. You can choose pretty much any color on the aura color chart, but you may want to choose shades that represent how you feel or how you'd like to feel (and don't be afraid to be bold and bright).

Once you've chosen your nail polishes, all you have to do is apply them to your nails. Professionals like to use an airbrush machine to create a diffused design on a neutral or pastel base coat to better show off the aura.

If you want to apply the aura nails at home, all you need is a dabbing tool (or a pin, hairpin, or cotton swab - anything you can use to paint a small circle on your nail) and either a brush or tiny sponge.

Once you've painted a dot of color on your nail bed, you'll want to blend it out with the sponge or brush for a super soft, blended effect. Next, apply another dot of color in the center to intensify the color. Et voila!

Here, Megan Fox shows off her aura nails.

Yes, Megan Fox also loves the nail trend already and wears colors that reflect her aura. Orange stands for energy and joie de vivre, purple for a creative, artistic personality. Whether this is really true or the colors were chosen purely out of personal preference remains a mystery. But the actress's aura nails certainly look pretty.

We'll definitely try out the nail trend ourselves. Let's go!

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