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Gold hoop earrings have been around since 2500 BC. C. And not only do they look good, but they are part of black, Latin American and indigenous cultures around the world. Of course, like everything in the world of fashion, they have leaked out and become the most popular "trend" to complement the looks of celebrities and influencers all year long, from Kaia Gerber to Selena Gomez.

Tik Tok Earrings

No one these days can resist what a good pair of gold earrings can do, just ask Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. But if you don't have a handful of tires that were passed down from the family or given to you at birth, some TikTokers can show you where to find the best and cheap pairs. We are talking about less than $ 20 and they are available on Amazon.

Yes, that is correct. In addition to countless beauty products and fashion brands, you can now also add "gold hoop earrings" to your TikTok shopping list. But who can blame you? Not us.

A teenage girl goes viral after sharing the snack part of her, part of a jewelry invention that TikTok users beg her to buy.

TikTok Cross Earrings

19-year-old Mary Stofft posted a video of her creation on July 5 and it hasn't been viewed more than 750,000 times. In the clip, the TikTok user shows her new "strange" earrings.

Stofft handcrafted jewelry is unconventional, but the idea is simple. Basically, she bought two small containers of Tajin spices and then attached them to a pair of earrings.

tiktok earrings

The result, as Stofft puts it, guarantees "snacks to go" when she wants them. There seem to be a couple of little issues with Stofft's creation, including the fact that she spills spices everywhere when she tries to throw them at a strawberry. However, overall, TikTok users seemed more than impressed with the concept.

"YES, THAT'S GENIUS," wrote one user.

"I need this in my life," wrote another.

"Dude I'd buy these, no kidding," added another.

In a video that followed, the teen shared that her talent goes far beyond making jewelry with popular Mexican spices. She has also made various Altoids cigarette earrings, lipstick containers and cans.

Stofft also shared more details about her process, writing in the comments that she is buying the small bottles of Tajin at Walmart. She also addressed the fact that she ate the spice in strawberries, a fruit that some TikTokers seemed like an odd choice.

As a Mexican, I am also confused about why there is a strawberry. Mangoes and pineapples are so much better, trust me, ”wrote one user.

"I'm allergic to both," Stofft replied. "I work with what I can eat."

Tik Tok earrings

TikTok eboy Earrings

If Care Bear figures, mini tarot cards, or other wacky curiosities hang from your ears on a TikTok, she could be very rare. Certain signifiers, such as earrings, scarves, pins, and other accessories, of course, have helped bring queer people together throughout history. But in 2020, queer women are evolving the TikTok search trend to make it their own.

The lines between queer TikTok and IRL queer culture have been blurred almost since the app's inception; Queer women, in particular, have turned the app into a dating group. The hashtag #lesbianearrings ー with over 58 million views and growing is a place to meet. There you will see TikTokers showing their latest findings and earring creations to the tune of musicians like girls in red. And while a single piece of subtle jewelry might give an indication of your own queer identity in the '90s, TikTokers headphones are anything but subtle - fantastic and unusual accessories go viral on the platform.

The list goes on and on with homemade earrings that look like succulent clay pots, bloody pads of paper and glitter, candies, lipstick, dried lemon wedges and many other creations.

"Using foreign objects out of the box defines the trend," 16-year-old queer TikToker Jordan Ingersoll tells them. "If I were to present a girl / woman in public with rubber ducks as earrings, I would know right away that she is a lesbian / queer."

Ingersoll doesn't personally identify as a lesbian, but they believe the trend goes beyond a label: "It's about expressing femininity in a queer encoded way rather than what you would call 'traditional femininity." The #lesbianearringtag page (with over half a million hits) is full of bisexual women and other non-lesbians who attend, with clues like "I'm bisexual, but I also love earrings."

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