TikTok Jacket

We’ve already seen some big trends taking the fashion world by storm before the fall season, and one of our favorites is the shirt-jacket or “shacket” look! We are totally obsessed. It’s the best example of lightweight outerwear for early fall, when it’s not too cold outside, but you definitely need a little extra to keep you warm and comfortable.

Not sure how to break the trend? There’s a shacket that has gone viral on social media lately, especially on TikTok, and it’s only $ 20! This piece from Shein is very popular and now you can put it in your hands to start the season in style.

Plaid is practically synonymous with fall aesthetics, and this jacket is a classic example of print. We love that it’s a bit bigger and bolder than other versions on the market and that the color scheme is incredibly versatile. You have everything in black, brown, gray, and white in the mix, so you can really pair this jacket with any outfit!

Buyers say that the material of this garment is “softer than expected” and note that it is thicker than the typical plaid button, hence the nickname “jacket”. They also claim that it goes a bit big, but we think that’s the point – it’s supposed to be oversized with enough room for layers, like a standard jacket. If you want an exaggerated fit or a tighter silhouette, it is easy to go up or down a size, it is your choice, fashionista!

You can wear the vest over tanks, long sleeve tops, and even light sweaters! It is also a great piece to wear over a dress if you want to create a more casual look for a brunch or apple picking outing. Miranda Priestly would probably say that plaid isn’t a game changer for fall, but this is certainly a great seasonal staple with a little twist. Pairing the look of a button-down shirt with the feel of a lightweight jacket is an incredible concept, and we don’t think we can get through the energetic months to come without a garment like this!

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