TikTok Keyboard

Regular keyboards are like this 2020. It's time for a serious and aesthetic update. TikTok is currently obsessed with colorful keyboards in bright coordinated shades that liven up your workspace. Truth be told, you won't be able to resist taking one.

UBOTIE Colorful TikTok Keyboard

TikTok keyboard

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1. gorgeous color.

2. 104 round keycaps.

3. easy to be cleaned with removable keycaps.

4. 2.4GHz stable and better wireless connect technology.

5. could be a adorable gift for friends.

6. 2pcs 2AA batteries are not included in the packagings.


1. This keyboard do not have bluetooth function, it can not support your ipad or cellphones.

2. If you got a wrong color keyboard, please keep it and just feel free to message us, then there will be an extra brand new one for you.

3. Some shortcut keys may not work well on MAC BOOK or MAC.

UBOTIE TikTok Keyboard review #3

I bought this for a typewriter feel to interrupt my daily keyboard use. It is comfortable and works as expected. My only problem was that I couldn't find the USB device they were talking about. I contacted customer service and they got back to me quickly. Critics said USB was behind the mouse. So I thought I'd share with others where you can find the USB to connect to your device. Please note that if your device does not have USB ports, you will not be able to use this product. It is wireless, but it is not compatible with Bluetooth. Hope this helps anyone who needs it.

UBOTIE TikTok Keyboard review #2

I love the color of this keyboard! Very soft and more beautiful in person. I used it for Macbook pro 2018, fast connection. I think this doesn't work at all with Mac. The function keys don't work and the side mouse button only works with Chrome, not Safari. Also, the small key like this is hard to type, so I made a lot of typos. Even though I love color, it doesn't meet my needs.

UBOTIE TikTok Keyboard review #3

It's adorable! I love I love I love everything about this keyboard. It is pleasant to the touch and visually appealing. It's easy to connect (just a few batteries and plug it into your computer)! I love greenery and it goes well with the layout of my bedroom and office. One problem I had is that not all buttons work? I tried using the numeric keypad but the numbers were not showing on the screen. The volume buttons also don't work and work like opening a new tab. I'm not sure if it's my laptop or keyboard's fault, but everything else works fine anyway. (Letters, numbers, space bar, Shift / Enter, backspace and arrow keys work!) That said, that's not a problem for me. I would definitely recommend this cute little thing!

SADES V2020 TikTok Keyboard

TikTok keyboard

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SADES V2020 TikTok Keyboard review #1

I really like this keyboard, but I just noticed that the Q and P keys are in the wrong place. I guess I can peel them off and put them in the right place, but I'm not sure if I'm going to break them. The battery seems to last quite a long time as long as I use it. Overall I'm happy

SADES V2020 TikTok Keyboard review #2

I rarely leave reviews on Amazon, so let's start there … This keyboard is super cute and will definitely brighten up your workspace. The space key is loud but that doesn't bother me at all as it's honestly the only "bad" thing about this keyboard. I feel like it really brightened up my desk at work and dare I say … it made me more productive because my desk looks good and fun to work with now. The keyboard and mouse come with batteries, and the mouse goes to sleep when not in use, saving battery power. If you love pink, you won't regret it <3

SADES V2020 TikTok Keyboard review #3

Worried that the big buttons would bother me but look past the color, others have complained that the space key is a bit loud, but I actually like the way they press the keys and I don't think so that they are noisy at all. I love pink. This keyboard totally gives me giggles to use!

MOFII Wireless TikTok Keyboard

TikTok keyboard

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MOFII Wireless TikTok Keyboard review #1

I love it, it looks so cute and the keys sound really deep. You know, like the clickable sounds of not very superficial plastic (which I'm very particular about, as you can see). I remember literally seeing the other person here who had checked in typing while I was waiting for the package again, so I also attached a video of me typing.

MOFII Wireless TikTok Keyboard review #2

Exactly what I was looking to add to my room !! I'm really trying to pick this cute pink themed desktop layout, and it was a really nice piece to add ??? !! The colors are so cute, like candy, and the mouse is very comfortable. In addition to being super cute, the keyboard is also a lot of fun to type! Clicks are very satisfying to hear when writing essays or quickly searching for something. So happy with the choice I made to get it! ️?

MOFII Wireless TikTok Keyboard review #3

I've only had this keyboard and mouse for an hour, so I can't talk about the long-term durability. That said, they both look pretty sturdy and well made. They were easy to set up, there's a small USB stored inside the mouse, just plug it into your computer or dock and they synced instantly. I was worried that the round keys might look weird after typing with squares for so long, but it's not. And when it comes to style and looks, they are just like in the photo and they couldn't be prettier. I added photos with the entire desktop and a wrist mouse / pad for the scale

Tik Tok keyboard

The keyboards with the colored keys in question are wireless and pair with laptops, desktops, and even tablets. With rounded typewriter-inspired keys, they even have the same delightful "click" with each key press of vintage keyboards from decades past. Plus, these stylish keyboards aren't too expensive, with most stamps under $50 on Amazon.

Check out these colorful bluetooth keyboards available to upgrade your workspace and set up your IG desk. All the cool guys are doing it.

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