TikTok sportsmen: profiles you should follow

Discover the top sports profiles to follow on TikTok. The complete and continually updated list with sports tips to take. We recommend you take your cue from this list in particular: you might find the influencer of the near future.

Douglas Costa

Brazilian footballer and midfielder for American club Los Angeles Galaxy. Brazilian national team player from 2014-2018. Probably the real star player during the quarantine months: a must follow.

Alphonso Davies

Canadian footballer, player for Bundesliga club Bayern and the Canadian national team. First Canadian to win the UEFA Champions League. He scored Canada's first World Cup goal.  According to many, the Canadian Bayer Munich full-back is the king of TikTok among footballers: and from his videos you will understand why.

Vinicius Junior

Brazilian and Spanish footballer, forward for Real Madrid and the Brazilian national team. If many footballers have grown up with the explosion of Instagram, the Real talent will be one of those athletes to explode on TikTok.

Roger Federer

Swiss professional tennis player, former world number one singles player. A 20-time Grand Slam winner, six-time ATP Grand Slam winner in singles, Davis Cup winner with the Swiss national team, Olympic men's doubles champion and silver medallist in singles. You dont't find tennis betting tips on his profile, but it is quite inspiring anyway.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Greek basketball player of Nigerian descent for the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA. Played as a forward, but can also play guard thanks to his ball-handling skills. Sporting nickname is "Greek Frick". Picked in the 2013 draft by the Milwaukee Bucks with the 15th overall pick. Participated in the 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 All-Star Game.  MPV on and off the court: seeing is believing.

Domenico Criscito

Italian footballer who played as a defender and former Italian national team player. And watch out for the outsider you don't expect all-Italian: Genoa captain Mimmo Criscito.

TikTok profiles of sports leagues on TikTok

The main profiles to follow in this section are the American sports leagues. Of all of them, that of the NBA certainly stands out.

In Europe, LaLiga defends itself well, along with the French LigueOne, which compared to the profiles mentioned here does not have many elements that allow it to differentiate itself (although the profile still has a good following).


No kidding, it's the WWE profile: do you have to add anything to follow it?


One of the most inspiring profiles and one of the very first profiles opened on the platform. The winning recipe of this profile are: 'fun' shots of the audience, entertaining moments with mascots and of course lots and lots of dunks in the basket.


All the most adrenalin-pumping touchdown runs, but without forgetting the elements that characterise the platform. For example, in the video below the 'wait for it' hook is used, which induces the user to watch the video to the end. The TikTok algorithm in fact includes among the ranking factors of virality, the completion rate of views of a video.


The same applies to the NHL: below you can find one of the most viral trends on the platform masterfully captured and adapted.


This profile is characterised by the sharing of the best and most exhilarating actions performed on the pitch, spiced up with video graphics that wink at Generation Z.

MotoGP Tiktok account


This profile is characterised by sharing scenes from the races: spectacular crashes, overtaking or bizarre jubilation of the riders at the end of the race.


Nothing particularly exciting from what we have seen so far, but we bring you the MLB example to show you how on TikTok you have to intercept the trends of the moment and adapt them to your own communication context.

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