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Influencer marketing is big business. But with hundreds or even thousands of YouTubers on every social media platform, you might be wondering how to make your personal brand stand out. In this article, we'll look at 20 influencers who asked themselves exactly that and found the answer: influencer merchandising.

That's right, influencers are now designing merchandising and opening online shops and also entertaining us on social media. Before we dive into our picks of the best influencer merchandise right now, let's talk about who exactly is buying the merchandise that influencers create.

Famous tiktokers merch

In today's digital world, most of the participation and sharing takes place online. However, this can lead to a disconnection between influencers and their followers. Although we share more than ever, the digital nature of communication does not allow for physical manifestations of devotion. After all, how do you get a concert t-shirt for an influencer who is not on tour?

Gen Z, Millennials, Xennials, and even some Gen X members are looking for new ways to interact with the people they admire and follow online. Selling goods is a great way for influencers to provide their followers with the physical connection they want. And a lot of the people who follow influencers hope to become social media influencers. This means that your favorite social media personalities buying and unboxing products are likely to get noticed on their own social media platforms.

In order to keep followers past the 7-second attention span, it's important to create high-quality, attention-grabbing influencer merchandise. Let's talk about some of the influencer merch stores that get right to the point.

Influencers on any social media platform can use merchandising to increase their income and add another source of income to complement the money they make from sponsored posts. Here are the best influencer merchandising items right now to provide inspiration for your own branded merchandising dreams.

Zach King

Zach King began his journey to virtual fame at the age of seven after his parents gave him a video camera. Zach started creating videos for his family and they were a very enthusiastic audience. When he was a freshman in college, Zach created the video "Jedi Kittens," which went viral and received over a million views in less than 24 hours. Zach took the opportunity to share his stories with a wider audience and continued to create content for his YouTube channel. When Vine arrived, Zach started sharing his magical videos on the platform, garnering more than 4 million followers, and becoming known as the Digital Wizard. Zach now has more than 25 million fans on various platforms.

Nash grier

Nash Grier made a name for himself on Vine in 2013 when he was just 15 years old. It has since launched mobile games and social media apps like Mobli, Challenged, and Cash Dash. Nash's Store on Amazon includes t-shirts, hoodies, and PopSockets. Our favorite? This Please Stand By T-Shirt:

Jake Paul

Jake Paul is another influencer who started out on Vine while building a huge following on YouTube. Jake was cast in Bizaardvark, a Disney sitcom, and took his fame offline. Jake specializes in comedy videos, but if you follow him on Instagram you can get a glimpse of his everyday life. Jake's merchandise store may not be the prettiest, but it has tons of influencer merchandise, from clothing to hats to backpacks. Our favorite is this emoji backpack

Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines is a personal trainer, entrepreneur, Instagram influencer and writer from Australia. Time magazine named her one of the 30 most influential people on the Internet. She has developed several exercise programs, most notably the Bikini Body Guides program for women. Her Instagram posts are focused on the BBG show and feature both Kayla and other women following the show. Provides tips on exercise and diet.

Kayla's influencer article is mostly focused on their Sweat brand and has everything you'd expect from a fitness influencer: foam rollers, yoga mats, ankle weights, and the like. Our favorite is the Limited Edition Active Set in dark plum and gold.

Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard is a California-based artist and photographer. His art focuses on landscape, surfing, the outdoors, lifestyle, and travel. Chris approaches photography as a photojournalist and uses natural lighting techniques to create beautiful images. Chris's online store includes prints, books, workshops, camera bags, and photo editing presets, as well as merchandise related to his art. We literally love everything that has the alpaca drawings on it, but we are absolutely in love with the alpaca pocket t-shirt.

Allie + Sam

Allie and Sam are a same-sex couple who are passionate about spreading love, kindness, and good humor. They document all their adventures together, including their newest and greatest adventure, their journey to motherhood! They talk openly about the joys and struggles they experience with IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer).

The Rainbow Love collection features an illustrated rainbow in soft, neutral colors. All proceeds from this collection go directly to Allie and Sam's Baby Fund! This design is available in many different clothing styles: Premium Unisex T-Shirt, Premium Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Classic Unisex Tank Top, 3/4 Sleeve Baseball T-Shirt, Unisex Youth T-Shirt, and Youth Crew Neck Sweatshirt. This design is also available as a mug!

Skye Hitchcock

Skye Hitchcock is the mother of 3 children and writes about her life and her children. Her family of hers is renovating a school bus they called Boulevard that they live and ride on!

The Chase The Sunset Retro collection is inspired by her bus renovation project! The colors are rich and bright, as are the sunsets that await when the boulevard is finished. There are 5 birds in the design representing the 5 members of Skye's family.

Details like this add a personal touch that buyers really appreciate. This design is available in many different clothing options: Unisex Classic T-Shirt, Classic Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Crew Neck Sweatshirt, Triblend Unisex T-Shirt, Comfort Colors Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Women's Fitted T-Shirt, Comfort Colors unisex T. -Shirt, Youth unisex T-shirt and youth crew neck sweatshirt.

Brittany lupton

Brittany is a fitness coach who teaches classes at @fitbodyapp, she has her own YouTube channel and is passionate about fitness, education and motivation. Brittany strives to inspire everyone, especially women, to commit to becoming the best version of themselves and leading a healthy life.

Brittany's Every Day is a Fresh Start smiley collection is a reminder that every day is an opportunity to start over and get back to your goals and yourself. For her design, she chose a soft color palette and handwritten font that make her clothing calm, cozy, and easy to wear. This design is available as a cropped hoodie, a hooded sweatshirt, a crew neck sweatshirt, a Comfort Colors long sleeve t-shirt, and a Comfort Colors unisex t-shirt.

Tika the Iggy

Tika, an Italian greyhound who lives in Montreal with her parents Thomas and Louis, is a fashion icon with an impressive audience. He has over 200 stylish outfits (most of which are custom made) that he models in his videos on TikTok and in his photos on Instagram. In January 2021, Tika even appeared in Vogue. Tika (and her parents) are trying to bring glamor, wild looks, and lots of color and joy to the world.

Tika's Doodle Design collection features drawings of Tika wearing some of her iconic outfits. In the design, Tika is surrounded by stars and pieces of her favorite food, chicken. This design is available as a cotton face mask, premium unisex t-shirt, hoodie, classic unisex tank top, and unisex youth t-shirt.

Meredith Mason

Meredith founded the blog That's Inappropriate in 2014 after trying to lead a more meaningful and effective life after undergoing life-saving surgery. This is a parenting blog inspired by Meredith's experience of raising 3 kids and feeling like they are losing their minds every day. Meredith created a community where parents can thrive rather than just survive. Since then, her blog has expanded to include the "Unfiltered Parents" blog and a podcast called "Take it or leave it."

In her TikTok video, Meredith shares an honest look at the ins and outs of parenthood and marriage. By using social media as a means of expressing herself, sharing experiences, providing advice, and also reclaiming her personal identity, Meredith has created a safe space for other parents to do the same.

Jeremiah Jacques

Jeremiah is a self-taught makeup artist and influencer from Florida who is making great strides in the makeup industry with his intense creative talent and expression. Jeremiah's makeup looks are works of art: bold, colorful, and incredibly innovative. Through his makeup art, they want to inspire and allow others to share their beauty with the world and express themselves freely.

James Charles

James Charles is the first male cover girl. Even during his school days, he built up a huge fanbase on Instagram and YouTube and despite some bumps, he is an extremely popular beauty influencer with a wide reach. His merchandise is sold under his Sisters Apparel brand and is filled with hoodies and sweatshirts in various colors of the rainbow. Our absolute favorite is the Rainbow Sherbert sweatshirt set (which is out of stock forever thanks to LOOK AT IT).

Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks is an English fitness coach who is popular with all types of media. In addition to being a fitness influencer, he has written several blockbuster cookbooks and also has a TV show called The Body Coach on BBC 4. Joe promotes his Shift, Shape and Sustain fat loss plans on the website of The Body Coach and is used by The Body Coach an Instagram account to promote the website, as well as fitness and healthy eating.

Joe's Merch Shop includes t-shirts for adults and children. Our favorite jersey says "Home Training Hero" and we are really interested in seeing an adult version of the jersey. Come on Joe!

Loren Gray

Loren Gray is a singer who created her TikTok account when she was in sixth grade. He also has a huge following on Instagram and YouTube. The Pennsylvania native moved to Los Angeles and has enjoyed astronomical success on TikTok. Loren was nominated for the Shorty Awards and Teen Choice Awards and signed to Virgin Records in 2018. She released her first single under this label before it was signed by Capitol Records.

Her product store has everything you would expect from her: lots of pink in branded goods, from sweatshirts and joggers to crop tops. While the crop top is an obvious choice, our top pick from Loren merchandise is the Ooof t-shirt.

Jacob Sartorius

Jacob Sartorius is a singer and social media star whose debut single appeared on the US Billboard Hot 100. Jacob has made a name for himself through Vine and TikTok. He has even been dubbed "the next Justin Bieber" by Business Insider. He regularly uses his platform and outreach to speak out against bullying and also talks about his own experiences with bullying.

Jacobs Influencer-Merch offers all the standards, such as tracksuits, T-shirts, caps, and PopSockets, but also some unusual offerings such as cell phone cases, charging pads, and more. Our favorite is the "Nothing between us but chapstick" t-shirt.

Charli D’Amelio

Charli D’Amelio is TikTok's biggest star. In June 2019, she started her TikTok channel, and within a few months, the 15-year-old made her way into everyone's hearts with choreographed dances. Thanks to her success on TikTok, Charli landed a spot on the Hype House, an appearance in a Super Bowl commercial, and a contract with a talent agency.

Charli's product range is not huge and she has few designs, but we are in love with the iced coffee blouse.

Dixie D’Amelio

Dixie D’Amelio is Charlie's older sister. She is also known for her choreography and dance videos, and is another member of Hype House. Dixie signed a contract with a talent agency in 2019. Dixie's product range is also quite limited, but by far our favorite is the cloudy hoodie.

Avani Gregg

Avani Gregg is another member of the Hype House. He offers dance videos and makeup looks on TikTok. Your merchandise is absolutely wonderful, seriously, we love every piece. However, our favorites are these cool joggers from Kissi.

Lilhuddy (aka Chase Hudson)

Chase Hudson, known on social media as "Lilhuddy," is another member of the Los Angeles-based creative collective Hype House. Well known for dating Charli D ’Amelio, he is also one of the top music influencers on TikTok with more than 20 million followers, according to Billboard. Chase's Fanjoy Influencer Merch store offers tops, hoodies, hats, and cell phone cases. We especially like this jellyfish huddy hoodie.

Joey Klaasen

Joey Klaasen is the younger brother of Jon Klaasen, who became famous as a member of a boy band in the American version of "The X Factor". He has since stepped out of his brother's shadow as a TikTok influencer and signed up with the talent agency behind collaborative creator Swag LA. The Joey Influencer items on offer are pretty slim, just a short sleeve t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt and hoodie, but we love this "JK Unless …" long sleeve t-shirt:

PewDiePie (aka Felix Kjellberg)

Even if you don't follow influencers online, you've probably heard of YouTube influencer PewDiePie. He is known for his online gaming videos, where he provides commentary while playing the game. The content also includes coverage and commentary on other viral videos and internet memes (a kind of Nosh2.0 vibe). Although it has received a lot of negative attention for its racist and anti-Semitic remarks, it still attracts a lot. Their merchandising shop on the Represent platform offers hats, hoodies, t-shirts and face masks. We are supporters of this angry tambourine hat.

Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect is known for compilations of sick trick shots and famous athletes that can be seen in his videos. They have evolved into comedy content and are often accompanied by their giant panda mascot. Like Jake Paul's store, Dude Perfect has a variety of different products, but on a much nicer website. We are fans of this branded basketball.

Felipe Neto

Felipe Neto's YouTube channel became the first Brazilian channel to reach 1 million subscribers (2012). Felipe creates comic videos and vlogs in which he talks about current events, celebrities and his everyday life. In 2017 he released a Netflix original comedy special, "My Life Has No Sense". Influential Felipe merchandise items include short and long sleeved t-shirts, hoodies, and socks. This graphic t-shirt caught our attention immediately.

MrBeast (aka Jimmy Donaldson)

MrBeast is known for viral challenges like counting up to 100,000 in a video or the challenge “Last to Remove Hand Wins Lamborghini”. He's also done several charity donations and stunts, handing out thousands of dollars to bartenders and smaller Twitch games. Their merchandise is incredibly eye-catching, with bright pinks, blues, and yellows. These shorts are the best we've ever seen.

VanossGaming (also known as Evan Fong)

VanossGaming's Evan Fong is a gaming influencer. It also gathers compilations of the fun moments that occur while playing. Their merchandise is limited to hoodies and t-shirts with the VanossGaming logo, but we also like these stickers very much.

Ninja (aka Tyler Blevins)

Ninja is a professional esports gamer who became famous as the most followed user of the video game streaming platform Twitch (he has since signed an exclusivity agreement with Mixer). On his YouTube channel, Ninja shows game streams playing some of the most popular games like Fortnite and Apex Legends. Ninja has t-shirts, hoodies, and windbreakers in their merchandise shop, but the most famous influencer merchandise is these cherry blossom sweatpants.

Marleigh and Chris

Chris Rooney runs the @theyeeetbaby account, which focuses on his adorable niece, Marleigh, who serves drinks and says stupid things to little kids, with an emphasis on her catchphrase "Just Send" and "Yes!" Chris began to feature Marleigh on his personal Instagram account and soon realized that he needed hers because of her growing popularity. The duo now has 1 million followers on Instagram and 4.4 million followers on TikTok.

The phrase "Just ship it" that appears on Marleigh and Chris merchandise design is their familiar catchphrase and another way of saying, "just do it" or "don't think, go ahead." The design also includes a small icon of a circle with two wine glasses for a "Cheers!" The clothing is available as a premium unisex t-shirt, hoodie and unisex youth t-shirt.

TikTok Merch

These TikTok creators are taking full advantage of their platform and creating content and merchandise that their followers will love! By creating a carefully curated collection of merchandise with your followers in mind, you will deepen the existing connection you have with your online community. Use these TikTik creators' best practices to influence and inspire your own merchandise!

For influencers with strong and dedicated followers, selling merchandise items is a great option to make extra cash to complement those sponsored posts. Influencers on social media platforms can use merchandising to promote their brand. From YouTube influencers to TikTok influencers to Instagram influencers and beyond, high quality branded merchandising will help influencers build a community and increase their affinity and brand awareness.

The most profitable TikTok merch comes about when developers take the time to create a thoughtful design that connects with their followers. Too often we see TikTokers with millions of followers selling merch that only bears their name in the design. And almost every time the creator is disappointed with how many products he sells. We definitely learned that more subscribers don't always mean more sales.

We've helped TikTok creators at all levels of popularity create merch for their subscribers. We have seen the greatest hits and disappointments, and we have the insights to help you organize the most successful merch run of all time.

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