Caught! Trisha Paytas nude

American lifestyle blogger Trisha Paytas looks a lot like Barbie. More specifically, her silicone version - with a surgically modelled body, lips and hair extensions. But her achievements do not end there.

She started her career as an escort and stripper, which has earned her about 50 YouTube channel stories. Here are just the most famous, garnering between one and five million views:

  • how she slept with the entire basketball team;
  • a list of Hollywood celebs she's dated for the same purpose;
  • her experience with shuga daddy;
  • details of her liaison with Robin Williams just after his death.
Trisha Paytas naked

Trisha's channel was launched in 2007, which rightly secured her status as one of the first youtubers. The first videos were all about Quentin Tarantino. No, not in the context of personal stories. She simply professed her love for the director, parodied films and danced to his soundtracks.

And in 2010 she finally rose to fame as (almost) the fastest-speaking person on earth - Tricia can spout up to 600 words a minute. The video on her channel has had over 7 million views, as has TV host Ellen's cameo on her entertainment show of the same name.

Trisha Paytas nude

Around the same time Trisha appeared on My Odd Addictions, where she admitted to being addicted to tanning - she went there almost daily and even poured self-tanner's oil on herself. And she looked the part.

Meme content on YouTube

Millions of people got to know Trisha through her own memes. She sets a bunch of food in front of her for a half an hour mukbang (it's a whole video genre: people eating and talking on camera - Trisha popularised this genre in the West), she also raises her hand in the video. - Trisha has popularised it in the West), reviews sex toys, buys herself things worth tens of thousands of dollars and shoots Christian-themed music videos. Yes, she even has a music video for the song I Love You Jesus.

Trisha Paytas hot pics

Separate topic - the titles of the videos, which few people can see without shedding a tear, even with laughter. I mean, come on:

  • "We broke up because I'm too fat."
  • "How to look slim in photos";
  • "100 coats of lubricant on your face."

Of the absolute favourites is the admission that Trisha actually thinks she's a McDonald's chiken nugget.

In addition, Trisha has paid content on Patreon, where she moonlights as a webcam model. Like lying naked on the sofa eating a whole pizza. Silently.

Trisha Paytas naked photos on Instagram

Trisha Paytas Onlyfans

Once you subscribe to @trishapaytas' channel, you'll stop flipping through your Instagram feed in public places altogether. Because Trisha Paytas often posts herself from various not-so-decent angles and in varying degrees of nudity.

Okay, it's not just that. Other postings include memes, constant hair changes, a bunch of evening makeup looks, and cross-dressing as famous actresses. The favourites are images of Pamela Anderson and Marilyn Monroe.

Trisha Paytas leak photos

Cool music album names

Trisha has a music career too. In four years she has released eight albums with genius titles: Fat Chicks, Superficial Bitch, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chicken Fingers and Lipo - how about that? If you don't feel like sponsoring her work, you should know that she often produces covers on YouTube. They don't have any autotune, though, so it's not as much fun to listen to.

Non-stop plastic surgery

It's easier to find an area on Trisha Paytas's body that hasn't been touched by a plastic surgeon's scalpel. And yes, she openly shares her transformation stories with fans. She talks about her surgeries, recovery phases, and how often she needs to visit a doctor to keep herself toned up.

Trisha Paytas leaked photo

Tricia confesses in her videos that she has been dreaming of plastic surgery since she was 13, but she first went to a surgeon in 2013 to get her breasts enlarged. The aftermath of the shoddy surgery is that her nipples are too high up. It's easy to find their photos: Tricia Paytas is naked on the internet, including on her own social networks.

Trisha Paytas hot

Trisha Paytas Biography

Born May 8, 1988 in Riverside, California, and raised in Illinois before moving to Los Angeles as a teenager. Has Hungarian roots and is a Roman Catholic. Remains devoutly Catholic. Was a cheerleader.

Trisha Paytas Career

Moved to Los Angeles from Illinois after being inspired by Quentin Tarantino's movies.

Started her career as a stripper.

Trisha Paytas sexy

Since 2014 she has been involved in music and has released one cover album and 35 singles.

In 2015 she released the album Under the Covers.

Her YouTube channel reached 100,000 subscribers in 2012 and 1,000,000 in 2014. As of March 2019, it has gained around 4.8 million subscribers and around 1.5 billion views.

Trisha Paytas Personal life

A video supporting Donald Trump and against migrants was forced to delete. Bisexual, has/had both lesbian and heterosexual relationships.

Passion for Jews

Her idols were Jewish comedians Andy Kaufman and Rick Moranis. Repeatedly, and even frequently, refers to herself as a shiksa.

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