Vanessa Hudgens shows how it’s done: This is how cool the trendy “Wednesday braids” look in the sleek look

Vanessa Hudgens is always open to creative hairstyles, and now we're loving her Wednesday-style braids. But she wears them in a very special way!

Actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens was the perfect inspiration for anyone looking for a new hairstyle last year. At the MTV Movie & TV Awards in June 2022 alone, she wore seven different hairstyles in one evening as hostess! In autumn, she impressed with Spice Girl braids, then in winter with platinum blonde hair. What could be more natural than jumping on THE braid trend of the minute: Braids like actress Jenna Ortega wears in the successful Netflix series "Wednesday" - they've become just as famous as her great fringe look, the Wednesday fringes. 

This is how Vanessa Hudgens looks with "Wednesday braids"

Last Sunday, Vanessa Hudgens showed her Insta-stories with braided "Wednesday-Braids", but she gave them a very special twist: She wore her hair on the top of her head extremely sleekly styled and with baby hair in the hairline and ears.

How to style Vanessa Hudgens' Wednesday braids

The star commented on her look with "Sunday Football = Braid Party". Even if there's no football event coming up, we're definitely in love with her sleek braids, which would also make a mega party hairstyle with a different outfit. The only downside is that you need really long, full hair to get braids like this. Here's how:

  • Make an accurate centre parting.
  • Style all the hair with a straightening iron.
  • Before braiding, style the top of the head as smooth and shiny as possible. Vanessa Hudgens adds an extra touch to make the look even more interesting: baby hair peeks out at the hairline and strands are pulled out very slightly at the ears.

Part the hair down the sides into two equal sections, which you braid into even plaits all the way to the bottom and secure with a thin hair tie. Caution: Don't start too high up, otherwise the result will look more like Pippi Longstocking than Wednesday Adams!

We can't wait to see what look Vanessa Hudgens chooses next - after all, the year has only just begun...