Who are Tiktokers?

To begin with, TikTok is a relatively young, but already very popular social network, which was released by the Beijing-based ByteDance in 2016. The peak of popularity fell on 2018.

The difference between TikTok and other social networks The essence of this social network is to post short videos. Basically, this platform is loved by adolescents, although the older generation may also be interesting. Thanks to TikTok, many people have declared themselves to the whole world. It is customary to call such people Tiktokers. What Tiktokers do Tiktokers shoot short videos of various kinds. At one time, dancing videos were popular. The lipsync genre is especially loved – it is something like a phonogram. A person opens his mouth to a certain song, creating the effect of his own performance. Some videos resemble the well-known vines (more about vines). Another popular genre is “duo” – split-screen collaborative videos.

When creating their videos, Tiktokers can use filters and hashtags. The video can be sped up or slowed down. Music plays an important role in the creation of a video. Many musical compositions have gone viral thanks to their frequent use in videos from various Tiktokers. How Much Tiktokers Earn Particularly popular Tiktokers make pretty good money. In most cases, this is a decisive factor for those who want to try themselves in this field. Users whose number of subscribers reaches more than a million earn from 300 thousand per month or more. It all depends on the number of subscribers and their engagement. One of the most famous Tiktok users is the singer Loren Gray: she has 35 million subscribers!

For users of social networks, there are names. Some sound good, and some people associate with something not very flattering. However, negative feelings from a particular service are the problems of those who have them. Therefore, let’s talk about who Tiktokers are, what names are popular on this social network and how to get promoted. Who are Tiktokers? Tiktokers are bloggers who operate on TikTok. This social network, like other services from China, combines the features of many other communication tools. Therefore, the promotion and maintenance of an account here has its own specific features that must be taken into account when registering. Therefore, the people involved in Tik Tok got their own name.

How to become a popular Tiktoker?First of all, of course, it’s important to create quality content. Even if you post photos as a slideshow, they should be of high quality and interesting. Of course, in TikTok the concept of “interesting” is a little different from other services – many of the clips here are dances without any content or message. However, the simplicity of creating the footage itself does not mean that you can mess around when editing – the musical accompaniment is very important and should match the movements as much as possible. And now a little about promotion. Using other services, we are used to the fact that in order to open recommendations, we need to purposefully click on the corresponding button. In TT, everything is a little different – this is the tab that opens by default when you start the application. Unless, of course, you have not switched to the “Subscriptions” tab before. In any case, the algorithm for selecting recommended posts on Tik Tok is better, and guys and girls who want to become popular use the recommendations. You should follow the same strategy. Tiktokers and tiktokersi can go to the recommendation thanks to statistics, the dynamics of its growth. Sometimes a post needs to be given a little boost in order for it to be recommended.

# 1. How to insert a photo into a Tik Tok video?

If you want to make a video from your pictures, use the slideshow function. If you need to add a picture to a clip, you will have to use a third-party video editor.

# 2. What videos to shoot for Tik Tok?

Here, users are limited to 60 seconds of duration, so there is no complete freedom. The formats can be different, but one thing is invariably – everything is built around the blogger: his personality or body. For example, dance and humorous clips are very popular.

# 3. Does Tik Tok have a shadow ban?

Exists. A social network can pessimize traffic on a page for violating certain rules. Moreover, the service tracks the attached accounts. If you attach TikTok Insta to your new account, which appeared in the “pessimized” one, then the new page may also be banned.

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