Who is Bella Poarch, new TikTok star?

Bella Poarch is a young American TikToker, born on February 8, 2001.

Over the past two years Bella's popularity has grown exponentially on TikTok, where she makes videos with the lip-syinc technique and moves to the rhythm of the music using only her facial movements. Bella is currently one of the most popular TikTokers in the world.

Bella Poarch biography

Not much is known about Bella's biography yet. She was born on February 8, 2001 in the United States, her parents are of Filipino origin. At the age of 17, she served in the US military.

Bella Poarch's success on TikTok

As of August 2022, Bella has more than 74 million followers on the platform, and each of her videos reaches millions and millions of views, ranging from 10 to 200 million views per video. All her publications are commented on and shared by thousands of users.

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Accomplices to her success is the incredible ability to keep time with the background music and audio, and the very strong expressiveness of her face, with which she also manages to create different expressions of any kind, from sweet to funny.

Bella Poarch is the most watched video ever on TikTok

Bella Poarch has the video that holds the record for most views on TikTok: more than 320 million views for the following video.

That time Bella Poarch took Tik Tok

When we meet her, a hot Tiktok girl Bella Poarch is recovering from Covid, but this is not what stresses her. It's the interview. She, like so many other people in the world, suffers from social anxiety, and perhaps, she says, in a sense, it's a good thing that she has been successful - with 2 billion likes and 88 million followers on TikTok (she is the third most followed on social media) and a contract with Warner Records - in the midst of a global pandemic.

Because so far she has rarely had to deal with close relationship situations, or even with a call on Zoom for two, like the one we are doing. Bella's story, however, is very different from that of any emerging and rather anxious pop star. She was born and raised in the Philippines, where she lived first with her grandmother and then with her adoptive parents. Later, her family moved to the United States, where she first graduated from high school, and then joined the army. After finishing the training, she got her first tattoo of her, a heart-shaped lock with a key, to which many others have since been added that cover most of her body.

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Today, Bella is a force of nature, beyond the platform she became famous on: her first video on TikTok, with 400 million views, was the biggest debut ever. And this year, the megastar is preparing to break even in the real world: her new EP, which follows the singles "Inferno" and "Build a B * tch", will be released this spring, with a live tour. Despite her shyness, if the video in question - including cameos from famous friends, beheaded doll heads on a conveyor belt, spooky choreography, and even a fire pit - suggests anything, it's going to be incredible.

Where did you get the inspiration to start posting on TikTok?

"I had just taken leave of the army, there was quarantine and everyone was bored. My friends kept sending me videos from TikTok. I fell in love with the app. Let's face it, it's addictive. In the first video I released I was singing a song by Ariana Grande. I had 100 views in 24 hours ».

Come on, not bad

"No, I was like, 'Ah, I'm not going viral … what a fool to think about making a bang with my first video.' So I deleted it. It seemed to me that people didn't like hearing me sing. Then I realized that many people were approaching video games because they were stuck at home. So I started publishing content on video games. As soon as I started letting go showing my slightly silly side, people began to appreciate me more ".

And your first taste of fame was that Face Zoom [a TikTok feature that focuses on her face, used by Bella for lip sync videos, ed.].

"You know, the last time I cried over TikTok was because of the hater comments right under that video. People were saying bad, random things - "she looks so stupid" - and it broke my heart because I was just trying to express myself and have fun. "

Sometimes it almost feels like when people don't understand why something is happening, they feel a kind of indistinct anger, like "I don't understand, and so it has to be bad."

«I was there to ask myself“ but why do people send me death threats? ”. It also took me all day to make that one video. I have, like, 100+ trial versions. I have perfected it! At first, I focused only on the negative comments, but that taught me a lot. "

You have character.

"Yup. I know I'll cry later, but I have it. People say, "You look like you can't hurt a fly." I can, instead. When I was in the army, one evening my friends and I decided to go to a pub inside the base. I wasn't there to drink that time. I was sitting there relaxing when a marine approached me and started teasing me for how long I am stopping by. Then he picked me up like a baby and didn't want to put me down. So I gave him a punch. '

Ah, though!

“Actually, I was left with a scar too. It's funny because, when I was in the army, I was someone who didn't speak at all. I just listened and did my job. Now I want to throw it all out. There is a lot inside me that I have hardly told anyone. But I need to feel trust to open up ».

You have several alter egos - Baddie Bella, Kawaii Bella, Belinda Marie - right?

«Quite right. Right now, I'm in jumpsuit and I'm just Bella. But when it's time to perform, shoot music videos or record in the studio, I'm a completely different person. When I wear tough clothes, I become Baddie Bella. I love anime, they inspire me. I love Hatsune Miku, I always watched her. She is a Vocaloid. I don't know if you know what that means. Basically she is a pop star ».

So, alter egos help you. How does it feel to move to Los Angeles after growing up in such a different place?

"I still don't like talking about myself, but I want to let people know how I started, what my story is, because I want them to know that I didn't just pop up on TikTok to make music [Bella doesn't talk much about her past, but he has repeatedly mentioned the fact that he has been abused, ed.]. This is the first time I've been in a huge house, alone. Not that much comes out. I like the weather right now. It is gray and gloomy. I love rainy days, not because it's cold or anything, but because it reminds me of when I was a child ».

How come?

“I grew up on a farm and when it rained we put raincoats on goats and cows. Our neighbors thought we were crazy. Sooner or later I want to live on the farm again. I want to take care of the alpacas [for now she has a rag alpaca, her name is Paca and she has 175,000 followers on Ig, ed.]. In the Philippines, I took care of sheep, goats, cows, chickens and we had over 20 dogs and cats. It was hard. When I was 14, we moved to America and went to school in Fresno, California. I graduated at 16, but I was afraid of going to college. And I wasn't allowed to really do what I wanted. My parents controlled everything. I didn't want that to happen for the rest of my life, so I joined the army. My brother was in the Navy, which motivated me. We were very close. When I was 7, he heard me sing and said, "Hey, do you know you have a beautiful voice?". That's how I discovered it. In the Philippines there were no real lawn mowers, so we always had to cut the grass by hand, and while we were busy with these activities, we talked and reflected on life. He is still in the army, stationed in San Diego. "

Was the army what you expected?

“Many say it's like prison. But I honestly felt free. I went to the mall, went out on weekends, joined my group's choir. I was already singing then! And when I was stationed in Japan, there were many karaoke clubs around our base. I would have stayed there forever with my friends, singing every weekend ».

What did you sing?

«“ Listen ”, by Beyoncé».

When people first saw you online, they thought you were much younger than you are.

“Everyone was confused because when I uploaded Face Zoom videos, only my face was visible. Then they went to my Instagram and there they saw me in a bikini and full of tattoos [there are several controversies about the drawings he has on his body, mainly concerning a tattoo on his arm that resembled the Japanese war flag and which for some months he has covered with a two-headed snake, apologizing publicly and explaining that he did not know the story, ed.]. They thought, "This can't be the same person". "

Are there any particular stories behind your tattoos?

“I have scars from my childhood and I wanted to cover them. I didn't know anything about scar removal, so I thought tattoos were the only remedy. I also wanted to be a rebel, because my parents hate tattoos "

What is the one you care about the most?

“The wings on my back, with a boat in between. I'm in the army. I was an aviator and I dealt with helicopters on an aircraft carrier. I was the last person to touch the helicopter before the pilots took off. So if he had any engine damage or anything, it would have been my responsibility. The ship symbolizes me setting out to sea. I am alone in the middle of the ocean, at night; it's all so dark, but when you look at the sky, it's just beautiful. See all the stars ».

Is there something else about you that no one knows yet?

“I love pickles. If I showed you now how many I have in the kitchen, you wouldn't believe it. "

Other hobbies?

"I love art. I don't paint, but I use oil pastels. I love karaoke and I also like playing video games. I still have friends who live in Japan because they are stationed there, and gaming is the only way to interact. I have some really great friends. I have Grimes. '

Just that Grimes?

“She is one of my best friends. Maybe we'll do a song together. She always recommends books to me. She says to me: “You should read this book. It's called Life 3.0 ". I never thought I'd read about artificial intelligence, but I did."

Well, if Grimes tells you to read it, you have to read it.

"She is the best. One day she says to you, "Shall we go to a medieval joust?", Or "Hey, we should take a falconry class". And then you find yourself creating an NFT".

Who else gives you inspiration?

"I haven't met her yet, but Doja Cat. And Melanie Martinez. Also Lea Salonga, who is a Filipino singer. She was the voice of "Reflection", a song that I grew up with and that she inspired me to sing. I want to tell her: “Your song is exactly about me”. One thing to know about Filipinos is that if they find out that you are Filipino, they will support you to represent the country. When I found out that Olivia Rodrigo was Filipino, I was so proud ».

When was the last time you were in the Philippines?

“Almost 10 years ago. But I really want to go home. And I mean: I wouldn't go back to my childhood home, but the Philippines really is my home. I didn't have the opportunity to explore them and get to know the country when I was little. Think that the beach was very close to our house, but I was never allowed to go there. I think going back will be moving ».

You are already manifesting. Why do you believe it, right?

«I learned what it was on TikTok. In practice, in the first video on my FYP [the "For You page", which collects the TikTok stream that the algorithm thinks we may like, ed.] There was a person who said: "You should start manifesting, immediately. You should write down three things on a piece of paper ”. So I wrote three things on a piece of paper. One of those things was that I wanted to go viral on TikTok ».

Are you still manifesting?

"Yes every day. And now I realize that, even when I was younger, I was already asking the universe for things, very strong. When I was doing farm work, like picking up cow shit, I always pictured myself in an American school. It really works. You just have to believe it will happen. '

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