Who is Samuele Cunto, OnlyFans straight star who creates content for gay men

He is 20 years old, lives in the province of Turin and was a tinsmith with his father. Today he also earns more than $20,000 a month.

He used to work as a tinsmith with his father, waking up at 5 am, but in May he was contacted by a manager interested in his Facebook profile. Since then, Samuele Cunto, 20 years old from Volvera, in the province of Turin, has become one of the most famous Italian creators on OnlyFans, the social networking site that allows people to share images and clips and earn money from fans who sign up to watch content (which can be of all kinds, although in the vast majority of cases is sexually explicit). His life has changed: last month he earned $21,000.

The peculiarity of Samuele Cunto is that, although he is heterosexual, he creates content for homosexual men. His girlfriend has willingly accepted his activity: the only restriction she has placed on him is not to make videos with other women. 'The users who pay on OnlyFans are, in the majority, men,' he explained to The Courier, who told his story. "For this reason, I chose to propose gay content, even though I am straight. I started with videos on my own, then, seeing the success, I took courage and decided to go further and further. Respecting a stake: I stop at a few 'strokes', that's all I do. Even though they offered me money to make all kinds of videos'.

And, even though the first week after opening his OnlyFans channel, 'a group of guys I knew by sight shouted "gay" at me, I went straight', because Samuele is not afraid of the judgement of others. "In the videos there is an element of interpretation, of fiction. I know what I am worth and where I want to go. I am, in my genre, the second most followed after Denis Dosio'.

Since being on OnlyFans, Samuel has also received many bizarre requests. "One person offered me $1,500 to get beaten up. I declined because I avoid extreme things." He also refused to shoot a video eating a live goldfish. "For $400, however, I participated in a grappling, wrestling match. And a guy paid for me to be filmed inflating balloons until they burst."

For now, Samuele Cunto still lives with his parents and saves some money. "I have made a few trips. I'm saving because this career won't last. At 25 you are already old." And what does he want to do next? "Open my own agency. Or launch a start-up to clean the environment. I've been thinking about it since I was 19'.