Wolf Lob: Jenna Ortega wears the new trend hairstyle 2023

Jenna Ortega proves: you do not have to choose between the trend hairstyles. In 2023 we wear long bob and wolf cut united in one hairstyle.

Looking around on the red carpets, catwalks and social networks, there are just two hairstyles that we see particularly often: The lob (short for long bob), which Leni Klum, for example, is wearing right now, and the wolf cut - a particularly tiered haircut with bangs that looks a bit like the modern, softer interpretation of a mullet. Can't decide between the two trendy hairstyles? Then why not do like actress Jenna Ortega and get a mix of both styles cut for yourself

Wolf Lob: Jenna Ortega wears the new trend hairstyle 2023 

Jenna Ortega recently traded in her long, black-brown hair from her starring role as Wednesday Adams for a new cut - and shortened it to the trendy long-bob length. At the same time, the actress opted for a fringy fringe and wild steps. In typical wolf cut fashion, the hair is slightly shorter in the front than in the back and cut in a particularly stepped manner so that it falls in a fringy manner. Thus, Jenna Ortega's hairstyle combines the typical features of both 2023 trend hairstyles in one haircut. She presented her new hairstyle for the first time at the Golden Globes in January. It didn't take long for the internet to give the haircut a name and christen it "Wolf Lob".

Who does the "Wolf Lob" look good on?

Allen. The Wolf Lob suits both thick and fine hair and any face shape. The cut is particularly effective on hair that already has a slight wave movement by nature. The steps then fall particularly casually. If you have naturally wild curls or completely straight hair, you can help with a straightening iron and style gentle waves into the hair. 

How to style the wolf lob à la Jenna Ortega

Apply heat protection to damp hair and blow dry. Then section off a narrow strand, place the straightening iron diagonally at the roots with the tip pointing down. Twist the styler away from the face once with a full rotation and let it glide down. For an elegant look like Jenna Ortega wore on the Golden Globes red carpet, curl the entire hair in the same styling direction. For a more casual, natural sweep like in the photo below, keep alternating the direction. Dry shampoo gives the hair more grip and provides the casual texture.

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