Zendaya now wears a short haircut – and it’s the most glamorous bob with a side parting

She did it! Actress Zendaya is now sporting a short haircut (in fact, we don't think her hair has ever been this short!). And not just any cut, but a bob.

It almost seems like she's finally done it for real. Zendaya has already taken us for a ride many times with a "fake bob". Now Zendaya is back with a bob - but this time it looks real. And, of course, she also delivers the most glamorous styling variation of the short haircut.

Zendaya with a short haircut: See her glamorous (and short) bob here.

Admittedly, Zendaya is not only a fashion chameleon, but when it comes to beauty, the actress also loves to just try something new and be creative. But her latest look seems quite permanent, because it is a new haircut, to be more precise: a bob. She presented it at the Euphoria FYC event in Los Angeles on 18 December.

There she showed up with her Euphoria co-stars Maude Apatow, Hunter Schafer and Sydney Sweeney - but we couldn't take our eyes off Zendaya's hairstyle. Even her elegant Schiaparelli Autumn 2021 look with a black short-sleeved top and pencil skirt failed to distract us.

Bob with side parting: This is what makes the actress' new hairstyle so glamorous

Zendaya wore her new, short-cut bob with a side parting. The side parting is currently making a comeback and is more popular than ever. Our first thought when we saw the actress' side part bob was: modern glamour. That's because of the big curls and lots of volume, especially at the roots - and then in combination with the side parting.

For the styling, a hairdryer and a round brush were definitely used. Apply a volumising mousse to damp hair (in addition to a heat protector) and then blow-dry using the round brush - or simply go straight for the warm air round brush. Once this is done and you want even more volume, use a straightening iron or curling iron (with a fairly wide attachment) to create large curls in the lengths.

Of course, we can't 100% verify that Zendaya's bob is not another "fake bob". But we really looked very closely and can see cut-off blunt tips. So it seems to be a permanent decision. But you can't really say that for sure. After all, we see Megan Fox with a new hair colour almost every week.