Zendaya took Tom Holland to visit his former school

It was a surprise visit and the two met teachers and pupils with whom they spent the entire day. The school in question is the Oakland School for the Arts.

We love the Zendaya - Tom Holland couple because, like few others, they manage to give us moments of pure romance, but always with the proverbial description that distinguishes them. Exactly as happened a few days ago when the actress decided to let her sweetheart accompany her on a surprise visit to her old high school. She thus made him part of an important part of her life, introducing him to her professors, visiting the places of her adolescence and finally giving him a little taste of the person she was and who helped her become what she is now.

This foray to the Oakland School for the Arts was also an opportunity to meet current students and give them some advice on the future. Judging from the teachers' Instagram posts and some students' tweets, everyone was excited about the chance to get to know the two actors up close and have a few words with them. Indeed, the two did not shy away from autographs, photos, selfies, hugs or handshakes, proving to be very helpful to everyone.

This episode is, however, to be fully included in the time line of their relationship: to involve one's boyfriend so much in every aspect of one's life means that things are really serious. Not that we had any doubts about this, but this is yet another confirmation. I don't know about you, but if I hear in a few months that Zendaya and Tom Holland are ready to get married, I wouldn't be surprised at all. In fact, I really hope that's the case.

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