Zendaya with curly bob in sandy blond – see here the first pictures of the actress with new hair color

Zendaya with curly bob in sandy blond - see here the first pictures of the actress with new hair color.

Zendaya has already led us on the ice with a "fake bob" many times. Since December 2022 it was clear: she really did it and presented herself with her bob on the red carpet. Now she has given her haircut a cool update - in the form of a new hair color. 

Curly bob in sandy blonde: See Zendaya's new hairstyle here. 

On February 3, 2023, the actress posted a selfie of herself on her Instagram stories with her face cut and new hairstyle. Unfortunately, you can't see the entire hairdo, but what you can see is enough to see a difference. Because the light brown short haircut that she presented in December 2022 has now become a sandy blonde curly bob....

This is not the first time that Zendaya opts for a lighter hair color. Lately, however, the actress has been wearing her hair almost exclusively in shades of brown. But what's so special about sandy blonde? With this hair color, it's not so much about the brightness, what's crucial is the undertone. With the mixture of warm and cool shades, the latter clearly dominates, giving the result an earthy and ashy touch. The question arises directly: real or wig? Even though curls and hair color look very natural, you can never rule it out. After all, Zendeya is a busy actress who always has to slip into new roles.

Zendaya with short haircut: 2022 starts the bob era of the actress

Admittedly, Zendaya is not only a fashion chameleon, but also in terms of beauty, the actress loves to just try something new and be creative. She presented her bob for the first time on December 18 at the Euphoria FYC event in Los Angeles. 

There she showed up with her Euphoria co-stars Maude Apatow, Hunter Schafer and Sydney Sweeney - but we couldn't take our eyes off Zendaya's hairstyle. Even her elegant Schiaparelli Fall 2021 look with a black short sleeve top and pencil skirt failed to distract us. 

Bob with side parting: the glamorous hairstyle of the actresses

Zendaya wore her short-cut bob with a side parting. This one is celebrating its big comeback right now, after all, and is more popular than ever. However, our first thought when we saw the actress' "side part bob" was: modern glamour. This is due to the large curls and lots of volume, especially at the base - and these then just in combination with the side parting. 

For styling, a hair dryer and a round brush were used for sure. In the damp hair (in addition to a heat protection) give a volume foam and then blow dry over the round brush - or simply reach directly for the warm air round brush. Once that's done and you want even more volume, use a straightener or curling iron (with a fairly wide attachment) to make big curls in the lengths. 

Of course, you can never really verify 100 percent that Zendaya's bob or hair color is not a "fake bob" again. But we really looked very closely at both pictures. Both seem to be a decision of permanence. Whereby, one can also not say so exactly. After all, we see Megan Fox almost weekly with a new hair color.

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